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Flexible 12 Square Bars Silicone Mold

Cavity Dimensions: 2 3/4" x 2 5/8" x 1 1/4" (deep)
Cavities: 12
Cavity Capacity: 4 oz
Mold Material: Silicone 

We love using this mold for testing fragrances and colors in Cold Process soap.
Here's what it looks like from the back and a detail of the mold cavity.
This silicone soap mold is safe up to 230 degrees Celsius, 440 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Verified Purchase
by Allyson
on 10/13/2015
Super Easy
I love this mold! I bought one of these to augment my single 10" Silicone mold and after using it I have bought another. Easy to fill, easy to unmold, easy to clean. I top-rack dishwasher this mold with water only (no detergent biscuit) and it's always shiny and ready for more soap. Thank you BB for great products!
Verified Purchase
by Beth
on 5/31/2015
Easy to use
I bought this so I could make salt bars without worrying about cutting through hard bars, and I now use this more than I do my loaf molds. It's extremely easy to use in that the molds are super flexible and allow you to easily remove soap without issue. Unless I get a bit ahead of myself, I never have issues with ugly edges thanks to this mold. The only downfall I've found is that certain scents linger in the mold even after washing 2-3 times, which can be a little annoying if you want to make several batches using the same mold in a relatively short period of time. This is still one of my favorite purchases from BB, though.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Beth! I'm so glad you find our 12 Bar Square Silicone Mold extremely easy to use! To help rid this mold of lingering scents you can wash it then spray it down with alcohol and let it sit, then wash it again. If this doesn't work letting the mold sit with a Baking Soda paste on definitely will get rid of any leftover smells. I will email you personally to discuss this further.

Verified Purchase
by Betty
on 5/7/2015
Perfectly square, makes for uniform bars. While loaf shapes do sell better, this has its place for special bars. MUST put a tray under if you plan on moving it at all. Bars pop out super easy, but sometimes need an extra day before removing, depending on recipe. I've had a lot of luck with using it in the oven to force gel (170F for an hour, then turn oven off) I find it holds a bit more than 4oz per bar, I usually end up with 4.9oz fully cured, and I could almost get 5oz if I tried. One of my favorite molds, regret not buying more when they were on sale!
Verified Purchase
by vaz
on 4/9/2015
This mold is gorgeous and makes very smooth perfect 4 oz bars. I like that it is NOT tapered but is perfectly square. I'm tempted to make all my soaps using this style of mold as I avoid my second least favorite part of soap making...Cutting straight lines! (clean up tops the list)
Verified Purchase
by Elizabeth
on 4/8/2015
12 Bar Silicone Mold
This mold is great!!! I have a very pressing question. I am new to cp soaping and cannot seen to find out if I should place mold in the freezer or refrigerator after I pour my soap? Please help????? Or do I just leave out and wait? What about the gelling?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Elizabeth! I'm so glad you think our 12 Bar Square Silicone Mold is great! If you place your soap in the freezer/refrigerator really depends on your recipe and whether you want your soap to go through gel phase or not. If you don't want to gel your soap you would want to place your soap in the freezer immediately after making it. If you want to gel your soap you would want to insulate it with a heating pad. You can read more about this in our Jazzed about Gel Phase blog post. I will email you personally to discuss this further.

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