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Perfect bars!

I love this mold for a nice 4 oz size bar. It's so nice to not have to cut a loaf mold once in a while and these are very easy to remove from the mold. This mold is very flexible and easy to manipulate. I highly recommend it!

Love this mold!

This mold is such a great size. I use it for Cold Process and Rebatch soaps. It is durable, easy to use and super easy to clean. Highly recomended.


I LOVE this mold. It is very versatile. I use it as part of my layer bars or plain bars. It is very easy to get the soaps out of. Not much effort needed. I wouldn't use any other kind of mold other than silicone molds. Highly recommended.

Soap didn't harden

This mold left the bottoms of my soaps way too soft to even remove without ruining them. I waited a week and a half before unmolding. I make all natural soaps so I against additives to harden. Also as others have mentioned scent does linger but I think that is typical with silicone molds.

Can't release soaps without damage

Help! I love the size and shape of this mold, but every batch I've tried to release results in major damage around the corners. Even my hard-as-a-rock salt bars. There has to be a trick to do this without damage. If I can master this, I will love the mold! Retracting my earlier comment. Tricky to get soap out of the molds intact, but figured out how to do it, and now I LOVE this mold :)