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Don't expect perfect bars....

This mold is high quality, the silicone is better than expected, the dividers are made of quality material but simply put....they are designed badly. The dividers warped with first use. ALL edge bars are now crooked and uneven. I have a shop so uniformity is important. I can't sell ANY bars from the edges because the dividers are small in the mold and warp. So I don't use this mold much. Not a smudge too small for ease of insertion...waaaaay too small. The warping is the biggest issue probably. I've tried the boiling water , no go. Now.....I will say for those who don't mind all those issues and use this mold but complain of sticking....I mix a half and half solution of mineral oil and alcohol (the alcohol thins it making it sprayable) and simply spray down the dividers once assembled, before insertion. Easy to remove!

18 BarMold

I absolutely love this mold. It is worth every penny. The soap is very easy to unmold. I bought the silicon liner also and it gives the bars a sleek finish. I would consider this a must have item. Update: The mold and silicon liner are great. The dividers are really bad and produce misshapen bars, every time. Boiling them doesnt straighten them. I lose a good number of bars everytime I use the mold due to the dividers. Buying new dividers isn't the answer because these came this way and can't be made straight.

So disapointed.

I was finally able to invest in this mold after wishing for it for a couple years. I could have gotten one for half the cost on Ebay or Etsy but I decided to go with a trusted brand name figuring on amazing quality. I am very happy with the wooden mold, lid and also the silicone liner I purchased in addition to the mold. I, like many other people have issues with the dividers. There are spaces along the edge where it simply does not fit properly. The soap does not get "cut" with the divider so when you try to remove the bars they end up breaking off at the ends. I only had 2 bars with chunks out of them but every bar on the edge had problems with the shape because of the issue and it took a considerable amount of time to clean up my soap. Also I find them flimsy and difficult to place despite going over video directions. They fall apart and bow as well making for irregular soap bars. Lastly they stick. I expected more considering the price. Bramble Berry You could do better and should.

Hate the dividers

I wanted to love this mold. I ordered it mostly for my salt bars as I hate cutting them. So the dividers were important. I liked my first batch. But there is a huge gap all the way around the dividers and the edge of the mold. So that damaged all of soap edges. Frustrating. Then the dividers are not even. They bow, and create uneven bars. Slight difference is one thing, but it's huge. My last batch I could not get my soap out, and found the dividers have actually broken. I hate the dividers. I need a new set but the thought of spending more money on them makes me cringe. I now have an expensive mold sitting and collecting dust. I wanted to love it. And I don't and it's really disappointing.

Karen W
Finally can do larger batches!

Up til I received this mold, I was doing small batches (2lbs at a time). But, with this mold, I was finally able to step up my game! 5-6lb batches make things much easier when you are a small shop getting established. I also purchased the silicone liner, and that has been a blessing, too...much easier to unmold once it's ready. The only reason for the 4-star rating is that the bars come out a bit smaller than I prefer (usually make 5-6oz bars), so they've been largely unusable (I use the long pieces, but don't use the cross bars...a bit tricky, but I make it work). Thanks for a fine mold...I'll probably be ordering another soon!!