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  • 18 Bar Unfinished Birchwood Mold

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Unfinished Baltic Birch Wooden Mold (18 Bar): Bramble Berry adoringly calls this wooden mold "The Best Soap Mold in the World!" This 18 bar wooden mold is made out of top grade Birch Plywood and holds approximately 6 lbs of soap. The wood on the sides and lid is nicely sanded but completely raw and unfinished. The base of the mold has a lacquer finish. You can add a wood finish yourself or just use the mold as is and allow it get that lovely, used patina as it ages. Each wooden mold is custom made and locally hand crafted here in Bellingham, Washington. All of the joints are glued and nailed together. Makes 18 bars of soap that are 2 7/8" long  x 1 15/16" wide and up to 2" tall. Our 4 1/2 pound batch of Cold Process soap made 1 inch tall bars of soap.

Silicone Liner: Make using this mold even easier with our custom made silicone liner. This will replace the side inserts and you will never have to line your mold with paper or plastic again. The bar divider inserts fit in the mold perfectly. But we have found that the lid needs to be flipped over to the flat side for a close fit.

We love this mold for making beautifully swirled soap. Learn the secrets of making perfectly swirled soap in this 13 minute online video.


Each mold includes:

2 Long End (border) Pieces: 13 1/16" Long, 2 1/8" Wide, 1/4" Thick
2 Short End (border) Pieces: 9 3/16" Long, 2 1/8" Wide, 1/4" Thick
2 Long Divider Pieces: 12 1/2" Long, 2" Wide, 1/8 Thick
6 Short Divider Pieces: 9 3/16" Long, 2" Wide, 1/8" Thick
Baltic Birch Plywood Lid: 12" Wide, 15 1/4" Long
Baltic Birch: 11 1/4" Wide, 14 5/8" Long, 3 1/2" Tall

More Details:

About the Dividers: The liners and dividers are made from a flexible plastic that can withstand constant temperatures up to 200° F (but please do not subject them to temperatures over 200° F). There is a top and a bottom to each divider. The top is slightly rounded with an even rippled texture. The bottoms are cut flat with slight angled cutting marks. All of the flexible, plastic dividers are slotted to easily slip together. If any of the dividers appear to have taken a curve to them, you can easily bend them back straight.

About the Lid: Made from the same beautiful Baltic Birch Plywood as the body, the lid has an inset piece of plywood allowing it to fit perfectly snug on top of the mold.

Lining Your Mold: We suggest lining your mold not matter what type of soap you're making. For cold process, we recommend lining the entire mold with freezer paper. If you're making melt and pour soap, we suggest lining the entire mold with plastic (plastic drop cloths work great!). Line your wooden mold before adding the insert pieces.

Silicone Liner: A silicone liner is available for this mold and is sold separately. The silicone liner is a single unit lining method meant for use in place of the plastic border pieces and plastic bottom insert while still being compatable with the plastic dividers. The silicone liner is compatible with both melt and pour and cold process soap making. It is not necessary to line the mold with freezer paper or plastic when using the silicone mold. Get your silicone liner for the 18 bar mold HERE

Using the Dividers: You can insert your dividers before or after you pour your soap depending on your preference (Anne-Marie likes to put them in after!). Before adding your dividers, make sure that you have lined your mold. The end pieces slide in first- match the long pieces with the long sides of the mold and the short pieces with the short sides of the mold.. Then put the dividing pieces together and place into the mold as a complete unit, using both hands. Use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze the long dividers together slightly so they will not drop apart. Then gently place the unit into the mold.

Bottom Inserts:  Bottom inserts are sold separately and go into the bottom of the mold before all of the divider pieces. Anne-Marie likes to use the mold without the bottom insert but if you would like a perfectly smooth finish on the bottom of your soap, we recommend getting one. Get your insert for the 18 Bar Mold HERE.

Free download: Tips on successfully using your Birchwood mold. To download the PDF, finalize your order (you must be signed into your Bramble Berry account). Then click the little download button with the green arrow. You will need to have the free software program Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view and print the PDF file.

We recommend hand washing all of your molds and pieces to make sure they last a lifetime


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Verified Purchase
by Nicole
on 10/15/2015
Hate the dividers
I wanted to love this mold. I ordered it mostly for my salt bars as I hate cutting them. So the dividers were important. I liked my first batch. But there is a huge gap all the way around the dividers and the edge of the mold. So that damaged all of soap edges. Frustrating. Then the dividers are not even. They bow, and create uneven bars. Slight difference is one thing, but it's huge. My last batch I could not get my soap out, and found the dividers have actually broken. I hate the dividers. I need a new set but the thought of spending more money on them makes me cringe. I now have an expensive mold sitting and collecting dust. I wanted to love it. And I don't and it's really disappointing.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Nicole! I am so sorry you were disappointed in the 18 Bar Divider Set for this mold. The dividers are made from a thin plastic so they can warp, which can easily be fixed by pouring boiling water over them, though they should not break! I will email you directly to resolve this issue.

Verified Purchase
by Karen W
on 9/25/2015
Finally can do larger batches!
Up til I received this mold, I was doing small batches (2lbs at a time). But, with this mold, I was finally able to step up my game! 5-6lb batches make things much easier when you are a small shop getting established. I also purchased the silicone liner, and that has been a blessing, too...much easier to unmold once it's ready. The only reason for the 4-star rating is that the bars come out a bit smaller than I prefer (usually make 5-6oz bars), so they've been largely unusable (I use the long pieces, but don't use the cross bars...a bit tricky, but I make it work). Thanks for a fine mold...I'll probably be ordering another soon!!
Verified Purchase
by Ann
on 9/12/2015
Bent dividers
I love the mold but I couldn't give it an excellent because when I received it the dividers were all put together an inside of the mold the mold was them placed in the box standing on its end and the heat through delivery had caused the dividers to warp. Being a little OCD of a soap maker it drives me crazy that the bars in the center places on both ends and sides flare out and I don't have completely straight nice even bars. Other than that I love the mold, I love the liner. However, I just wish that the inserts have been maybe all stacked together and wrapped up and not actually inserted inthe mold.
Verified Purchase
by Garrett
on 7/17/2015
Love it, but bars are small.
I love it! The bars are a bit small for my taste though with the dividers, So I'm just using the mold without dividers and hand cutting. I may even try just using 1 of the dividers to essentially get two loafs side by side. Love the mold though, it's so nice! I also have the liner too.
Verified Purchase
by Caroline
on 6/20/2015
I just love it
Although I think it should come with the bottom piece or a liner for that price, this is a great mold that will allow your creative movements to be expressed. I just love it.
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