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  • Bath Bomb Mold & Package, Plastic

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Out of Stock until January 10th.

This 2 piece plastic bath bomb mold has it all! Sleek, sturdy design, with an airtight seal along with a pre-punched eyelet that makes hanging and displaying your product simple.

To use the mold: fill each side pretty firmly, add a little extra bath bomb material to the center to keep it all together, and press the mold together. To avoid any imperfections on your bath bomb, make sure to direct pressure to the edges of the mold rather than the center. Don't forget to line up the eyelets of each side when molding. Note, if the mold is packed too firmly it can make it difficult to open and close the packaging.  

Mold Capacity: 3.8 oz

Mold Cavity Diameter: 2-1/8

Note: mold edge and eyelet add 1" to total package diameter.


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Verified Purchase
by Ilyce
on 11/26/2015
Not what I expected...
I didn't want to give this a low rating because it didn't meet my expectations, that doesn't mean it is not a good product. It was a lot "squished than I expected. I thought they were going to be a hard acrylic. Being new to bomb making it was difficult to use and have them come out perfectly round and I really did not like that it creates a rim around the bomb. I also own the stainless still molds that seem easier to get a perfectly round bomb with no rim.
Verified Purchase
by Tammy
on 11/11/2015
Good Size and Cute Packaging
I love the size of this mold and it's super cute for packaging. I wish the plastic was sturdier. It's so thin, if you accidently push the mold together from the center - you get a finger indentation. It also makes it hard to open. I have found the trick to getting the sides to stick together - don't over fill. I pack them on each side individually and create a little mound in the center of the back piece and push together. I push together as close to the seam as possible to avoid finger indentations. I let it dry in the mold over night and I get a nice hard bomb.
Verified Purchase
by Lety
on 11/4/2015
good price but...
Good price, good quality. I am new at making bath bombs so the first try was frustrating. I came on here and saw the tips and viewed the foot soak tutorial. My 2nd attempt was much better but they didn't stick together. I tried a third time and it was much easier to do and I thought for sure this time it'll work. Nope they still don't stick together for me and I felt like it was a waste of time and product. I bought metal mold somewhere else and hopefully will be able to use my remaining molds for packaging.
Verified Purchase
by Michael
on 10/13/2015
I Know....I'm the Dumb One
I've had some of these for some time, and only recently used them for the first time. They came all stacked together, I didn't realize there was a top and a bottom and that they were intended to fit together. I just started filling up the halves and mashing them together. At some point I came to where they didn't fit right and it was then I realized there were two halves which are intended to fit together. Duh. OK now that I get it, I really like these. They can be used to just make and unmold nice sized bombs, but I agree with others that it can be difficult to pull them apart. I hold my breath that I don't break my bombs each time I try it. Next time I'll try not filling them quite so full.
Verified Purchase
by Peggi
on 8/27/2015
Perfect Bomb Mold!
I Reuse these molds!! When you add Kaolin Clay to your bomb mixture, it makes the bombs slip out much easier! Plus the natural clay is excellent for sensitive skin which my customers just love this too, and I sell alot of bombs because of this. So it works for me and for them! It also makes a perfect size bomb!!
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