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Hard to unmold

I used this while waiting for stainless steel bathbomb mold to be available for purchase. Size is great, bathbomb came out great, except I broke a few during the process of unmold. I got so frustrated, I decided to leave it and have the person received as xmas gift to deal with, maybe it's meant to be give away and not keep it as mold... But the size is perfect thou...

Plastic flimsy

The size is perfect. The mold is flimsy and no matter how you try the tops have dents. They are also difficult to unmold. I love the stainless molds and truly wish there were other sizes. Can't use these.

Good Size and Cute Packaging

I love the size of this mold and it is super cute for packaging. I wish the plastic was sturdier. It is so thin, if you accidently push the mold together from the center - you get a finger indentation. It also makes it hard to open. I have found the trick to getting the sides to stick together - do not over fill. I pack them on each side individually and create a little mound in the center of the back piece and push together. I push together as close to the seam as possible to avoid finger indentations. I let it dry in the mold over night and I get a nice hard bomb.

Good Mold

This was an overall good mold. As a beginner, it served its purpose. I agree that it could have been a sturdier plastic. I had to make sure that I did not get any finger indentations in the bath bomb from pressing them together. I will continue to use these as well as order more, with the knowledge to not use much force with them.

Not what I expected...

I didn't want to give this a low rating because it didn't meet my expectations, that doesn't mean it is not a good product. It was a lot "squished than I expected. I thought they were going to be a hard acrylic. Being new to bomb making it was difficult to use and have them come out perfectly round and I really did not like that it creates a rim around the bomb. I also own the stainless still molds that seem easier to get a perfectly round bomb with no rim.