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  • Beach Breezes Fragrance Oil

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Beach Breezes: This complex, sophisticated fragrance is actually a light Ocean-type scent. It has top notes of Bergamot and Cyclamen (a flower with a "white" scent) a light Melon and Cantaloupe, middle notes of Lilac, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley and rounds down to the mellow notes of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Musk. All these individual notes blend to become the perfect unisex and breezy Ocean scent, sure to please every man and woman on your gift and customer list.

Liquid Castile Testing Notes: We tested this fragrance in our liquid Castile soap base, we recommend making a small test batch just to be sure you like the results. Became thick while mixing, settled to a medium thickness. No discoloration. Very slightly cloudy.

This fragrance contains phthalates.

Flashpoint: This medium-flashpoint oil (191ºF)  cannot ship via USPS regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. 

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by Haliegh
on 3/20/2015
I made M&P soap with this immediately after opening the package! I've never personally been a fan of this sort of smell, but I live near the beach and thought this smell was wonderful! The smell was a little bit light though, enough so that I could put the bottle right up close to my nose, but I just used a touch more than I usually do and it's fine. Definitely something I'll be ordering again :)
by Autumn
on 2/1/2014
Wonderful and clean smelling
i got this fo as a sample and i LOVE it. It smells really clean, oceany and fruity. Absolutely no accelerated trace no discoloring.
by Alex
on 9/25/2013
Not what I expected
It's more of sweet :( It does smell more like melon. It's too sweet. My husband liked it but my mother and I think is too sweet. Almost like I'm smelling a cake. If you're into sweet fragrances, then you'll love this.

Reply from Bramble Berry
We've found that the light and sweet melon scent in this fragrance oil really helps helps to accentuate the middle notes of Lilac, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley and really bring it a rounded full-scent. I would also suggest blending it with another scent like Cold Water or Rain Cybilla Fragrance Oil.

by Tanya
on 8/26/2013
Love the smell
This scent smells kind of funky straight out of the bottle, but when you use it in soap....It is amazing. The smell is fresh and subtle, not too overbearing. I was wondering if this oil can be used in candle making. Anyone know?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Tanya! Most fragrances will smell a little different in the bottle than they would in soap, so we always suggest making a test batch to see if a particular scent works for you. All of our fragrances are safe to use in candles, but not all have been tested for throw and scent, so make a small batch first! If you are looking for true and tested candle fragrances, Bramble Berry carries a line of Skin Safe Candle Fragrances that you can check out.

by Amy W.
on 7/30/2013
Love it out of the bottle...
When I received this and took a whiff out of the bottle I LOVED it. I even thought that it was probably my favorite FO, other than OMH. But, while making soap it turned out to be very strong and I ended up nauseous, and with all of my windows in the house open. I am very VERY sensitive in regard to smells, it probably wouldn't have bothered most people. The soap is currently curing in my garage. I'm hoping that once it cures, I will love it again. I would recommend trying this, because it is a wonderful FO, but use it sparingly.

Reply from Bramble Berry
You will find that most fragrances will smell a bit different out of the bottle than they do in, and end up being very pleasant in soap once it has cured. If you ever find another fragrance that you aren't sure of in the bottle, put a dab of it on a cotton ball and let that sit out for a few minutes. After you have read just a few minutes, come back to it and see if you like the scent, as that is what it is going to smell like in your cold process soap batches.

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