Jumpin’ Jojoba Beads!

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Passion Fruit Jojoba Beads - Size: 20/40 (425-850 microns)

Lapiz Blue Jojoba Beads - Size: 20/40 (425-850 microns)

Lagoon Green Jojoba Spheres - Size: 20/40 (425-850 microns)

5 Pound Mold With Sliding Bottom - This is not your ordinary wooden soap mold.  Made out of top grade Russian Birch Plywood; the wood is nicely sanded but completely raw and unfinished. The sliding bottom has a lacquer finish.  Without hinges or hardware, the bottom panel simply slides out to expose the underside of your soap.  Once the sliding panel is removed the soap and liner can come out through the bottom of the mold.  To reassemble, just slide the bottom back in and you’re ready to go.

Cranberry Chutney Fragrance Oil - This holiday fragrance is based on a popular, mainstream candle fragrance. With notes of traditional cranberry chutney, this tartly sweet scent is supported by subtle spice notes, vanilla, golden raisin, cooking apples and musk and sweetened with delightful concord grape. This fragrance turns a yellow-tan color in cold process soap.