Terrific Tools!

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Cube Box: This small box is perfect for packaging cube or sphere shaped soaps. For the perfect sized soap, check out out cube molds and sphere molds!


Stackable Lip Pot Body: This body (middle) piece is used as a connecting pot in a series of stacked lip pots; the base pot and cap are sold separately.

Stackable Lip Pot Cap: This cap can be used to cap a series of connecting lip pot bodies or as a cap to a single lip pot with the purchase of a base pot.  The base and/or body (sold separately) have a capacity of 5 ml.

Stackable Lip Pot Base: This base can be used for the base in a series of connecting lip potswith the purchase of the lip pot body or as a single lip pot with the purchase of a cap.

KD7000 Scale with “Small” Adapter – This scale is easy to clean and easy to use. With a double-stopper protection and a strongly reinforced, removable stainless steel platform, this scale is built to last. The modular construction of the scale body is made with strong reinforced ABS plastic.

Powder Duster: Create perfectly dusted tops and stunning mica veins with this quick and easy tool for evenly dusting powders on soap.

Easy Pour Mixing and Measuring Container: A convenient way to measure and mix liquids and oils. Sturdy handle and extra-long pour spout allow for precision aim when pouring or transferring liquids. Tested in temperatures up to 140 degrees.