New and Improved Column Mold!

By on 11-19-2012 in New

Heavy Duty Column Mold with Reusable Liner – These innovative molds make a perfectly round loaf of soap.  Each mold includes a removable liner and end cap.  The new wavy texture allows the liner and end cap to be easily removed. But don’t worry, the removable liner keeps the soap perfectly smooth and round.  The flexible plastic liner is thick and sturdy for easy removal of cold process or melt and pour soap.

Size: 12″(L) X 2-3/4″(Diameter/Width)

Cavities: 1

Capacity: 49 oz

Includes: 1 liner, 1 end cap, 1 column mold

Mold Liner (for Heavy Duty Column Mold) -  New Design! The flexible yet sturdy reusable liner aids in quick and easy removal of your favorite soaps from our heavy duty column molds.  For a smooth finish do not remove liner from soap until it has hardened slightly and the soap isn’t sticky.

Note: This liner only fits the current heavy duty colum mold design.  For liners to fit the original column mold design (purchased between August and November 2012) click here.