How to Frost the Perfect Bath Fizzy

By on 1-07-2013 in Bath Fizzies

Learn to make perfect Bath Fizzy Cupcakes with Jeanee of Dirty Laundry. In this episode Jeanee shares her recipe for a rock-solid bath bomb and demonstrates the art of a beautifully frosted Bath Bomb Cupcake. Then she shows 3 ways you can dress up your cupcake tops.

Adding up how long it takes Jeanee to make her perfect bath fizzy cupcakes.

  • 1 day – bath bombs setting up in the mold
  • 3 days – bath bombs drying out before frosting
  • 15 minutes – in the freezer after frosting
  • 1 day – after frosting before adding ‘embellishments’
  • 2-3 days after adding drizzle (or polka dots) before packaging

That means it can take as long as 8 days from start to finish of the Perfect Bath Fizzy Cupcake. If you’re shipping your Bath Fizzy Cupcakes, you’ll want to take the extra time to make sure they’re beefy enough to make it to their destination intact so plan ahead.

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Bath Bomb cupcake base recipe:


Main Frosting Recipe:


Drizzle Frosting Recipe:

Yellow Stripe Cupcake:

Pink Polka Dot Cupcake: