Coconut Milk Powder

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Add a little excitement to your next cold process recipe with Coconut Milk Powder. Coconut milk is packed with vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6, potassium, and folate to help nourish and hydrate skin and hair.



  1. Hi,
    I am interested in making an organic coconut milk shampoo, but I don’t know what I could use to extend the shelf life of the product. I would like to be able to sell this as an organic product to my clients. If you have any suggestions please contact me at

    Thank you for your time,
    -Pamela Broussard

    • Thanks for your question!
      Adding milk to cosmetic products can be a little tricky. If you make the liquid soap from scratch then the fats in the Coconut Milk will saponify in the soapmaking process and they shouldn’t go bad. But if you are just adding the Coconut Milk to a pre-made shampoo base you should treat it like you would a glass of milk by keeping it refrigerated and tossing it after a couple of weeks. There really aren’t any preservatives that will keep milk from going bad, natural or man-made.
      Best of luck in your product development!


    • While it is technically food grade, the Bramble Berry warehouse is not an approved food processing facility. So you should not purchase this product for consumption, only for use in soap or cosmetics.