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Smells like children

I purchased this with the hopes of making a blueberry and cream sort of scent. (My husband loves blueberries) I used this fragrance in melt and pour. When I opened the bottle, I was not impressed. It reminded me of a mixed berry children's medicine. I decided that I would test this fragrance because sometimes the fragrances change a bit after being used in soap. This one did not. I decided to mix it with a little Yuzu and Vanilla select and it smells a little better, but it is still very child like and chemically. I was a bit disappointed. I really wanted a true blueberry scent and this is not it at all. I will likely not purchase this fragrance again.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sara! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this fragrance. We love this traditional blueberry scent, with some interesting supporting notes of marionberries, greenery and a touch of musk! If you're looking for another blueberry scent you may like our Blueberry Delight Fragrance Oil.

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Wonderful in CP!

I really like this scent. Customers love it too!

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Fruity Bliss

Wonderful fragrance. Blueberry has become our top selling non-essential oil fragrance. Being severely allergic to most harsh chemicals, I'm very hesitant to use most fruity fragrance oils. This is winner in all categories. No allergic reaction. Works awesome in CP soap and stays strong. Customers LOVE IT!

Not what I expected

I'm giving it a five because it does smell wonderful, but by itself it smells more like a kid's scent to me, so I made two batches with it. One was straight up blueberry for my kids soaps and the other I added Almond Biscotti and Cinnamon Sugar. It smells like a blueberry crisp dessert. Glad I bought it.

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This fragrance has become one of my favorites. I colored my CP soap a dark color and it came out awesome!!