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Cocoa Butter:  This oil is a hard solid at room temperature, making the term "butter" a bit misleading. It is an edible vegetable fat that is obtained from cocoa beans, and it has a very mild chocolate-y aroma. Cocoa Butter is one of the most stable fats and also contains natural antioxidants. It is reputed to provide a barrier that helps retain and restore the moisture in your skin. This butter is different than our other butters like Mango or Coffee Butter which are soft to the touch. If you hold a piece of solid Cocoa Butter against your skin, it will start to melt in the way a chocolate bar does, but stays solid at room temperature.

Note: To avoid crystallization when melting cocoa butter, it is best to temper it. It's simple to do: raise the temperature on your melting cocoa butter slowly, over 45 minutes. Then, turn the heat off, cover the cocoa butter and let it cool for approximately 10 minutes. Use this method to achieve smoother lotion and lip balms.

INCI name: Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter.

Why does Cocoa Butter crystallize?


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by Bill
on 4/13/2014
Two uses
Brambleberry doesn't sell their cocoa butter as "food grade" because their warehouse isn't certified for it. Nevertheless, this scented version of theirs is wonderful for making white chocolate (or dark). It has a terrific scent, which you'll notice as soon as you open the box! Melt it slowly, either in a double oven, or better, if you have a bread-rise setting on your oven. Too hot (like the microwave) will ruin the results. For making soap, the very scent that makes it so great for cooking will permeate your soap. Great if that's what you want - cocoa "flavored" soap, but if you're trying to go for another scent, with the added benefits of cocoa butter, highly recommend using their unscented version.
by Jacquelyn
on 3/14/2014
I just finished making a body cream with it and it turned out wonderfully! It is so easy to work with and I don't feel greasy after using it. I really like the light cocoa scent as well.
by Melissa
on 2/14/2014
Love This!
This cocoa butter smells so decadent! I had no problems whatsoever with crystallization. I used this in massage candles, lip balm, body butter and bath bombs! Thumbs up!
by Heidi
on 12/2/2013
So easy to use.
I love this cocoa butter! First off it's very high quality, like everything this company sells. But what I loved the most is it came broken up in pieces. It wasn't in a block or slabs like I have gotten from other companies. This was so easy to cut apart and break down even further. It smells divine and I will be buying from you again. Thanks!
by Jana
on 11/20/2013
First impression....
Can I eat it??? If anyone knows Natural Cocoa Butter, then they would know it is a harder butter unlike Shea and Mango. But it is very easy to grate, break apart or shave pieces off. The smell is wonderful!!! Not a real strong cocoa scent. Sweet and delicious!!! The heck with adding fragrance and essential oils when I make lip balm, lotion bars and whipped butter. Can't get enough of it so I will be ordering more before the sale runs out.
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