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Coconut Oil - Coconut Oil is one of the most common raw material used in the soap and toiletry industry. It comes from the seeds of Cocos Nucifera and is primarily cultivated from Southeast Asia and the Philippines. Our coconut oil has a melt point of 76 degrees. Our 7 pound size of Coconut Oil comes in a microwavable & boilable bag for ease of use and the 35 pound size comes in a 5 gallon bucket. It is a food grade bag that can be used for liquids after it is empty.

Note: Yes! These bags are boilable! Please make sure that you use our Double Boiler Maker so the plastic doesn't melt on direct contact with the metal of the hot pan.

Please Note: 400 pound size comes in a metal drum and must be shipped via freight. We will contact you with shipping options after your order is placed. If you order other items, we will ship those products separately.

INCI: Cocos Nucifera


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by David
on 1/28/2015
Let's get real here.
It's an oil. Once you add lye to it, it will not matter if it is fresh pressed virgin organic non-GMO free trade. The lye will do what it does. Change it on a molecular level. Zap, there goes all your cool shi-shi bragging points. So purists who spend so much more on a small jar just to be trendy are missing out on a great deal for coconut oil. If you are worried about bag size, place it in your sink with hot water, pour into jars for easier use. I find this oil fantastic to use in CP soaps and lotions. You are not ingesting it, so if it slightly refined who cares. I would and will purchase again and again...
by Karen
on 1/28/2015
Great Product-Bad Packaging
I love this oil, even though I prefer to use organic raw coconut oil, I bought it due to the price. I use it mostly in my hot process soaps. It's an excellent oil, and behaves well. I use my organic oils for super fatting. I "hate" the package though. It is a lovely bag, but having to heat up each time I use to get it out-I feel takes some of the nutrients out of it. I think next time I purchase I will slowly heat the entire bag and pour into a jar, so prevent having to melt every time I need. This oil is also great for lotions.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Karen!  I'm so glad you love this Coconut Oil!  Though, I'm sorry the packaging isn't your favorite.  We find our Heat Resistant Plastic Pouches to be super convenient and easy to use when making all sorts of projects! We found heating the Coconut Oil multiple times does not remove any of the Coconut Oil's many skin loving properties.  I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this further.

by Susanne
on 1/5/2015
So easy to dispense this!
I have tried several other vendors Coconut oil and keep coming back to BB's. The bag just makes it so easy to dispense! Great lather and I like the fact that it has no scent. The price is very good too!
by Lori
on 11/22/2014
7 lb package
This certainly made nice soap, can't complain at all about the quality. I found the melt-bag packaging pretty inconvenient, though - just adds an extra step to everything I want to use this product for.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Lori! I'm sorry the packaging wasn't your favorite. We've found the plastic bags make it easy to melt the coconut oil and reuse it, as seen in this How to Boil Heat Resistant Plastic Pouches blog post. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!

by Yamiraliz
on 11/9/2014
coconut oil
I bought this product wonderful i love quality and price is wonderful however my second day i noticed it had a lil whole in the plastic bag that probably got there during delivery and it melted and was not able to enjoy my full 7 pounds as soon as i noticed i was able to freeze it to prevent product to continue melting and wasting however i love the product

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Yamiraliz! I'm so glad you like the coconut oil! I'm very sorry that bag had a hole in it. I'll be emailing you personally to get this fixed.

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