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Sweet, Fruity and Light Scent

I like this one. It is kind of light and very sweet and fruity. Smells just like a ripe pear. I have not made any soap with it yet, but did make sugar scrubs and they smelled heavenly. I am thinking it would make a good scent for a shampoo bar since it is so light and fresh smelling. It would be a nice happy scent to wake up to in the morning.


This fragrance oil is perfect in all ways! The scent is crisp, realistic, and clear (unmuddled). It soaps beautifully, too - no acceleration, ricing, discoloration, etc. The scent is extremely long-lasting, too (I had two bars from last year's batch (over 12 months ago) fall behind my storage rack and it smells as fresh as the bars from my two-week old bars. Like I's perfect!

Three words: OMG!

Mouthwatering, juicy, true, no acceleration, no discoloration, smells great OOB, smells DIVINE in cold process. I will be re-ordering this and stocking up! Perfect All-Season Scent, but extra something special for Fall!

Love It

I received this as a sample. It soaped beautifully with cold process, stayed a nice, light color and smells wonderful. When it was about a week into the cure almost all of the scent had faded away so I was extremely worried, but within 2 more weeks it was back and even more delightful than it was to begin with! Definitely will buy soon.

Wonderful in CP

I made my first salt bars. The other fragrance I had tried discolored and left my soap crumbly. This fragrance is awesome. The trace gave me plenty of time for patterns and held up well with the salt. I'll definately use it again!