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  • Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil

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Cucumber Melon: In May 2012 we reformulated this perennially spring favorite for even more lasting power in cold process soap! This blend is more melon than cucumber and smells pink and fresh. A fantastic scent for spring & summer, it is the perfect blend of Cucumber and Melon. This one will be a perpetual favorite in your household and with your customers!

Please note that this fragrance oil has been reformulated to meet new RIFM standards.

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Flashpoint: This medium-flashpoint oil (158ºF) cannot ship via USPS regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout.

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by Kelly
on 10/1/2015
Smells Great, but having trouble
I used this fragrance a few years ago with my first batch of cold process and I loved the smell. Shortly after, I got pregnant and I couldn't stand the smell. Now that my daughter is a year old I thought I would try the FO again, and I love it. Here's the problem. The first time I used this FO, the soap was very soft. I remembered that while cutting the loaf I just made which was also very soft. I used my same recipe that makes a hard bar. Any advice would be appreciated.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kelly! I'm so glad you love the smell of our Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil. Some fragrances can affect the initial hardness of your soap; throughout the cure it should reach the normal expected hardness of your recipe. The hardness of cold process soap is reliant on so many factors, like soaping temperature, ambient temperature, additives, etc. It doesn't mean anything went wrong, your soap may just need a little longer to fully harden. To help hurry it along before unmolding/cutting you can stick your soap in the freezer for 5-24 hours.

by Chelsea
on 7/22/2015
I loved the smell of this fragrance!! My batch came out smelling great. However, it's been curing for about a week now and the fragrance has completely faded! I can hardly smell it. I'm so sad. :(

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Chelsea! I'm so glad you love the smell of our Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil! We do too! Though, I'm sorry you were disappointed with it in cold process soap. We found it sticks well in CP. We actually choose all of our fragrances based on what they smell like at a full six week cure time. Sometimes scent can fade a bit throughout curing then come back stronger once the full cure is over.

Verified Purchase
by Jamie
on 7/8/2014
You can't go wrong :)
It's great. Everyone loves it- even men! No, especially men!
by Elizabeth
on 6/12/2014
Nicely done, Bramble Berry
A soothing scent. Cool and mildly sweet. Like a lot!
Verified Purchase
by Ceme
on 5/23/2014
Great ...
This is perfect for anytime of the year, but especially spring/summer. The semi sweet, clean, crisp melon combined with the cool and refreshing cucumber makes for a nice fresh summer scent. I have been asked for my Melon Goatie soaps after I turned out samples a while back. Melon Goatie is my blend of the cucumber melon fo with m&p goats milk soap, adding in opalescent green mica which gives the soap a pale milky greenish pearl color. This holds up really well in the goats milk m&p. A few of my customers have started to ask for a body spray to go with my Melon Goatie soap.
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