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Soap Cutter slot not perpendicular

I bought this soap cutter to cut cold process soap but the slot in my cutter is not perfectly straight - if we place a square edge up to it you can tell it is off by 1/16" of an inch or so from top to bottom, which may not seem like a big deal but you can tell the bars are not straight when using it to cut.

LOVE this cutter!

This cutter is great. I'm SO glad I picked it up. I do a lot of smaller pours, from 2 to 4 lb loafs, but also have a 5 lb and tall/skinny mold. I almost went with the smaller size, but am glad I decided on the larger cutter. All the smaller loafs fit in this fine- just push the long edge against one side and put the front of the loaf at your cutting line. (I penned a line on mine- it doesn't come marked.) My only issues at all was the my tall and skinny mold makes a loaf that is too tall for the cutter. After about two cuts, I figured out I could push my cutter blade in from the side and got nice cuts after that. Very versatile and well made.