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Excellent Sheer Deo Base

I have perfected my spray & roll-on deos using the BB deodorant additive, but sometimes we want a stick deodorant. I was a little scared by the pre-melt texture and color of this base but I dove in and made two tubes. One using a personal blend of EO’s (citrus, lavender, tea tree) and the other using ginger-ale FO. Both are awesome! I am purchasing a bigger quantity to test out before adding it to my line, but I definitely will be using it myself. I think I can finally eliminate store bought deos! I found the finished texture to be smooth and both of my test versions made a great glide stick. I found finished (applied) color to be very sheer and nearly invisible without leaving any white residue on my undergarments or shirts.

I love this deodorant base!

I have to begin by saying that my daughter can not use store bought deodorant at all. If she does, she breaks out in a horrible, unbearable, itchy rash. I tried buying aluminum free deodorant from the store for her and it was completely ineffective. That whole process is what lead me to try this deodorant base. I am so happy I found it. It works great! I also feel like it does a better job than store bought products at keeping body odor at bay. We have been so happy with it that I have stopped buying store bought products for myself and have started using this now. Neither one of us have ever experienced burning, itching, or rash as others have mentioned (and my daughter's underarms are very sensitive). I simply add some tea tree EO and some lavendar EO to the base and it works great!

I agree, it burns

After making this several times, I settled on using Spearmint & Lemongrass essential oils. I handed out samples to several friends, and used the same for myself. We ALL had the same reaction, which was "it smells great, but man this stuff burns my pits". I do no think this is a fluke, and I see that many others have the same reaction. I give an "A" for effort, but this base is unusable for myself and my friends.

jeanne michelle
Causing a rash and burn when applied

I have been using this for a few months and was so happy to give up aluminum deodorant but both my daughter and I are having the same reaction which is getting worse over time. It burns really bad to apply and we have red bumps that itch on our arm pits so I am constantly like a monkey itching my arm pits. I sadly had to buy my old aluminum deodorant yesterday as this (the burn) is very painful. Even though it has been a day since I stopped using this, the rash is still there. Hopefully we are just annomolies and others are fine.


It seems like Christopher and i received a different product than everyone else, because this stuff burns. My husband and teenage sons had the same stinging. My pits are still sore the day after using it. I really had high hopes for this product, and am really bummed that we can't use it. Waiting on a response from brambleberry. Update! Bramble Berry responded promptly and suggested i try the base without fragrance added. After my very sore pits healed, i did, and no burn! I shaved and tried it, no burn! I apologize Bramble Berry! This is a good product and it actually works! Evidently arm pits can be super sensitive to fragrances that you can use safely in other applications. I will buy again:)