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Featured Sample Idea Sheet for September

This month's featured sample is Moonlight Pomegranate. Intensely purple with sparkling notes of Citrus, Dewberry and Cassis that enliven the deep notes of musk, Sandalwood and Vanilla. Nearly every order* shipped out in the month of September will have a little 1/2 ounce sample bottle included. For more details see below. Enjoy!

Blend Ideas


How to Make Luxurious Soaking Salts for the Bath

Tools and Ingredients: 


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  • Step one: Measuring the Salts
  • Mixing the salts and fragrance
  • Place salts in a bag

ONE: Measure and combine Pink Himalayan, Dead Sea, Epsom and Dendritic Salts.

TWO: Add Moonlight Pomegranate Fragrance Oil and mix well.

THREE: Spoon salt mixture into organza bags and tighten closure.


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More information about our free samples:

*We include a 1/2 ounce fragrance oil sample with every order we can safely send a glass bottle in. Be sure to check your packaging well, the expanding foam can nearly swallow up those little bottles.