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Injector Soap Tool (12 cc capacity syringe): As seen on Soap Queen TV- this tool is a necessity for the tiny details in your melt and pour soap projects.

Tips: Trim the tip of the injector using scissors. We like to remove about 1/4” but you can cut more or less depending on your preference. Keep a cup of hot boiling water nearby while using your injector. Clean out the injector in between uses to ensure the soap doesn’t solidify in the tool.

For more tips on using the soap injector see our video on Soap Queen TV ‘Gingerbread Man Soap


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Verified Purchase
by Vanessa
on 9/12/2015
Difficult to use
I bought two of these and couldn't get them to work. I kept my melt-and-pour hot and worked near a boiling pot of water so my soap base wouldn't harden in the syringe. However, i had a hard time pushing the plunger down to get more soap out of the tool.. There was an air pocket and the soap wouldn't go down, no matter how many times I dunked it in the pot of boiling water. :(
Verified Purchase
by Marcelle
on 3/13/2015
Perfect tool
I also love this tool. I have tried droppers, ordinary syringes and these injector syringes. By far, these "injector tools" sold by Brambleberry work the best. They work just like an ordinary syringe would. However, the fact that they have a long curved tip really helps you see what you are doing. When you use an ordinary syringe, you do not have the same visibility. I would agree that they are definitely "necessary" if you are going to do this kind of detail work. (Now, I don't truly "like" this kind of detail work and do it rarely, preferring many other soaping methods. Nevertheless, if you are going to do detail work, I think you really must have these particular tools.)
Verified Purchase
by L
on 11/18/2014
Great Tool
These are awesome for fine detail work in melt and pour soap. Works great. I had no issues at all using them.
Verified Purchase
by Barbara
on 11/2/2014
Incredibly helpful
I make Wedgewood and cameo style soaps using silicon molds. These injection tools make it possible for me to get a level of detail I'd never get with eye droppers. They keep the bubbles to a minimum, which is critical with detailed work. I keep several on hand with differently sized openings. When one starts to clog, I clean it a coffee mug of very hot water and pick up another one. This way, I can work on 4 or 5 different molds at the same time. It really helps to keep your soap hot enough-after I melt mine I put the coffee mug containing the soap in a small pan on the stove of very hot water. I don't have kids so I can absolutely focus on what I'm doing. And I have to believe that these are safer than craft syringes with large bore needles.
by Beth
on 2/9/2014
Worked the first time only
I was so excited for this tool, but so disappointed in the execution. It worked fairly well the first time I used it, but the black rubber kept coming apart from the plunger. I had to push it so slow (to keep it together) that the soap cooled way too quickly and just became a giant mass of soap goo. After trying to clean it for 2 days straight - I just tossed it in the trash.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Beth, I’m sorry to hear this tool gave you some trouble. We typically recommend running the tool under very hot water to melt the soap inside to make for easy cleaning. Because of the narrow opening, the soap cools very quickly, so having a cup of hot water nearby is helpful :). You can see this technique in this blog tutorial for Marvelous Soap Marbles, I hope this helps in the future!

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