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  • Island Coconut Fragrance Oil

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Island Coconut: This is a straight and lovely coconut fragrance. It does discolor in cold process soap but it smells wonderful and is the perfect foil for one too many fruity scents or florals. Do you want to inspire your customers to think 'Sun, Sun, Sun!?' Then you need Island Coconut and they'll be dancing in the aisles (or at least thinking about sun tan lotion). Coconut Island Coconut discolors brown. Scent is light in cold process and may fade. Discolors but stays clear in liquid soap. 

Vanilla Content: 2%

Discolors but stays clear in liquid soap.

As of November 2014, this fragrance is Phthalate Free!

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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by Katrina
on 9/28/2014
Customers like it
It doesn't smell much like coconut to me and it was one of my most disappointing fragrances that I received in my last order. BUT, when I put it in my lotion customers seemed drawn to it. It sold very well! Overall, it is pretty good. I think it works best for fragrance blends and not as a one note fragrance. I mixed it with almond and orange and it brought everything together.
by Sabrina
on 7/26/2014
Great scent, just not for CP
I've used this scent in CP and in bath scrub. Just like the product information stated, the scent morphs in CP soap. Being the skeptic that I am, I had to try it out for myself. My fiancé really wanted a coconut soap and I had it on hand. In CP, it smells slightly like coconut, but nothing like the delicious scent straight out of the bottle. I made a pink salt scrub with this fragrance and it is AMAZING. I'd certainly use it for melt and pour, bath bombs, and scrubs but not with CP soap again. I didn't mark the product down at all for the way it behaved in CP soap because that was very clearly stated in the product description.
by Lynn
on 6/6/2014
Not good in CP soap
This is great in lotions but I'm not at all happy with it in CP soap. The discoloration I could live with, but the smell is nothing like the FO - just smells odd. Definitely won't be selling this batch of soap!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Lynn! I'm sorry to hear that this fragrance was not your favorite. We are currently on the look out for more coconut fragrance oil options, so keep your eye out for those! In the meantime, you might like the Coconut Cybilla Fragrance Oil :)

by Annmarie
on 6/1/2014
Is less more?
Using this scent after purchase, in my lotions makes me wonder if I need to use less for obtaining a scent or use more? I have 8oz jars and filling to the 1ml line seems to make it smell of band aids? I'm just unsure with this smell? If I add too much I would think it would change my lotion or be harmful to my customers? I gave it a four cause I love and promote this site! Any feedback on this will help!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Annemarie! I'm sorry to hear this fragrance is giving you a little bit of trouble. When adding fragrance oils to lotion, I recommend using .3 ounces per pound of lotion or butter. When in doubt, the Fragrance Calculator is a great tool! :)

by Sarah
on 5/27/2014
Ok, I hear ya'll about this FO, and its weak performance in CP. It's the nature of some FO's! They can be bugaboos, or the best thing that ever happened to your product line. But here's the truth: I simply don't use it in my CP...but I DO use it in almost everything else, and my customers scoop it up faster than I can make it! I use it in my scrubs, and my lotions and my anhydrous lotions (or lotion bars). People adore my products...and I ADORE this fragrance! Thanks, BB!!
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