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Love it

Although this does not smell exactly as the LUSH product it does smell fabulous in both cold process soap and lotions. I use it in my own products and always have both a bar of soap and the lotion in my bathroom at all times. I've also given both the soap and the lotion to a few lucky people and they love it too. I will continue to buy this product in great big bottles.

Seized up on me

I really wanted to like this. I have never had a batch seize up on me. Horrible experience. Had to revert to other techniques to try and save this 10 lb batch. Ended up adding more Patchouli. End result was ok but not sell worthy. Will not buy again.

Strong, nice scent

First, this set up quickly on me like fragrance oils tend to, I made the adjustments to how I worked with it but it does complicate it. I added Valencia orange to bring up the citrus side of it. I actually didn't notice as much of the spice part of the blend myself. My hippy dad loved the soap, I made this whole batch to send to him.

Karma is awesome

This scent blended in my body butters is one of my best much that when I discontinued my butters briefly to reformulate .....I was met with resistance from my loyal karma scent fans. Do not be discouraged by any negative reviews.....customers show up faithfully with their empty containers asking for more. I wish Brambleberry would blend more customized this one has been a great success.

Karma is NOSE CANDY!

I bought this, because my daughter wanted Lush Karma. After the price I choose to make it for her. I did read the reviews so I was ok with it not smelling like Lush. I am pleased with the smell the only concern I have is the I do not see the vanillia % listed. I will buy this again.