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A Favorite

I purchased this as a .5 oz in the men's sampler pack. It went over so well I just ordered two 8 oz bottles last night. One for me and one for a friend who also makes soap. It's a great clean smell that is fit for both men and women. You won't go wrong buying this one!

Made a lovely batch after reading reviews for CP

Had a batch sieze up on me so carefully read reviews regarding cp. Put 1/4 c oil to the side with FO. Blended other oil and lye mix to trace and slowly poured in FO/oil mix, then mixed for about 5 minutes by hand. Voila! It worked. Creamy traced soap that poured smoothly. I never knew to do that. May just make it a habbit with all FO and EOs, wouldnt hurt, and it just turned out lovely. Oh and the scent is exactly what I was looking for, clean and unisex.

Best Seller

I have used this fragrance many times, CP, MP, and bath fizzys. I've tried different recipes and have had no problems. Been soaping for a year now(learned how to quickly save big batches). My customers love this scent, so do my family members. will purchase again. Thank you Bramble Berry....Voshti Soaps.

Not my favorite

This one riced on me, but I was ready for it. I just don't care for the scent. It smells like store-bought bar Dial, maybe? We'll see how it sells, I guess. Discolors just a little, also.

Same Problem as Sabrina

It is not easy for me to give an average rating to a scent I could smell out of the bottle all day! I recently ordered about ten fragrances, and this this first one I used because I was so excited about it. I tried it in a recipe for a CP salt bar soap that is tried and true. I read about the quick acceleration and took that into consideration. I easily got it into the mold before it got too thick and it looked beautiful. I didn't insulate it, but within a couple of hours, a 3-inch crack had formed on top and after a week, the soap smell seems to be fading daily. I used the highest suggestion for fragrance on the brambleberry fragrance chart. Because I love this scent so much and I still have about 3 oz left, I may try it again in another recipe, but each time I smell my soap, I am sad. Until I smell my Sleigh Bells fragrance bottle, and then I am happy again!