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  • Kumquat Fragrance Oil

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Kumquat: We set out a loaf of Kumquat Soap at Otion and out of the 15 logs of soap set out, the Kumquat universally elicited "Wows!" and "I want this!". Kumquat is along the lines of pomegranate - bright, fresh, purple with notes of green. It performs admirably in cold process soap and is divine in lotions. Kumquat is considered one of the hot new trends for 2008 so you'll be seeing this fragrance (along with other purples like pomegranate, mangosteen and acai berry) showing up in bodycare and fine perfumes.

NOTE: This medium-flashpoint oil (168ºF) will ship FedEx only regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. It cannot be shipped by the USPS.

Liquid Castile Testing Notes: We tested this fragrance in our liquid Castile soap base, we recommend making a small test batch just to be sure you like the results. Mixed into soap easily. Final soap was almost perfect with just a hint of yellow.

Please note that this fragrance oil has been reformulated to meet new RIFM standards.

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by Delinda
on 10/12/2014
This is one of my new favorite BB scents!! Its a true orange scent, delightful with NO chemical like orange smell. Slight acceleration, nothing you can't work around, especially if you whisk in the fragrance and be ready to move. I still got a nice dream catcher funnel pour soap out of it and am thrilled. We'll see how it sticks.
by amanda
on 9/19/2014
holy WOW!
this fragrance is SO AMAZING! this smells so goo you will want to drink it. its refreshing and smells so much like a sweet orange. LOVE IT. will use it in soaps and bath bombs. I used this in a soap and it worked BEAUTIFULLY! although i have to say to over scent your soaps when using this fragrance, so it sticks and doesn't fade. My soap recipe is a very forgiving recipe and takes a while to come to trace even when using fragrances that most others say speed up trace. So i can't say if this sped up trace or not, it didn't seem to though. Lovely fragrance my favorite. I need to get a whole lot more.
by Happy Girl
on 8/26/2014
Used this in CP soap. One of the best behaved scents I've tried. And the smell truly is ecstatically wonderful! Over the edge awesome!
by Jameela
on 7/11/2014
Oh La La!!! (Amazing, not edible. Beware....LOL)
This fragrance is simply AMAZING. i used in in my CP soap, M&P as well as a hand lotion. My samplers and testers absolutely love it. And a colleague at works says she almost feels like eating her hands anytime she uses Absolutely one of my favourites!
by Christine
on 6/10/2014
A Delicious Orange Scent - Sugar Scrub
So far I have used only in an emulsified sugar scrub. I would describe it as orange but not a potent bold (in a bad way) orange, it's a nice scent. This stayed on my skin after using the sugar scrub. Pleasant and refreshing. Happy to have found this since citrus EO does not stick in CP soap and since citrus EO is photosensitive and cannot be used in leave-on-skin products. Can't wait to try in CP soap.
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