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Great Product

I absolutely love these bags. I use them to batch oils. I spent a day weighting out and melting oil for individual 5lb batches. It makes life so much easier. If I just want to make a couple batches of soap, all I do is mix up my lye and melt the oils in the microwave. It saves the time of pulling out all the individual oils.

would be excellent except for one thing...

I got these because I needed something to store master-batch recipes for lotion bars, and after my first use, I'm very happy. I thought ahead (and was happy I did!) to get the stainless dipper and stainless pitcher; along with my funnel they made the pouches easy to pour by myself without any accidents or spills. Half way through pouring I freaked out, thinking about whether they would handle hot beeswax (145-150 degrees), but then calmed down when I remembered you can boil these things, and that water boils at 212 degrees. A temperature reminder in the description would be a plus. The only reason I didn't rate the pouch as "excellent" is that some extra plastic as a grip space around the edges or even a handle would make pouring even easier. You wouldn't be holding overly warm plastic while trying to pour hot oils. A handle would also be a plus as one is moving filled bags from place to place in the studio or after heating. Some of us have space between microwave and studio.


I have to tell you that these bags have made my soap making sooo much easier. Instead of scraping out coconut oil i simply heat the bag and pour out the desired amount . It really has cut my soaping time!!!!