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Erin, #SlateRoofStudio
Surprise best seller!

I made 500 guest soaps with this FO as gifts that were given out at a large church women's conference. They were very well received and I sold several bars of this fragrance there. It's popular with men and women. It's become a best seller for me - my best selling lavender as well. Not a straight lavender scent, but very lovely and long lasting. It is also one of the rare fragrances that you can wash your hands with, and still smell it strongly hours later. The only issue is that every single batch has had soda ash, so try spraying with alcohol as BB recommends. No acceleration - soaps beautifully. Plenty of time for swirls etc. Great job BB! This one's a keeper.

Beautiful scent!

This scent is just beautiful. It smells stronger in the bottle but softens wonderfully in cp soaps. I had 10 at the market at all were sold in about 2 hours. Need more!

So lovely

This scent just makes my toes curl. Absolutely lovely scent. Smells slightly masculine oob but softens slightly in my cp soap. Either way, I cannot stop smelling this. I keep opening the bottle just to get a whiff. Performed wonderfully in my cp soap, no acceleration.

Not your typical lavender!

I am in love with this scent! What is really funny is that I don't smell lavender at all, and neither does my daughter who gets migraines when she's around lavender! When we first smelled it OOB, my kids all thought that it smelled like in the mountains where we like to go camping, and the town and lake are called Cascade. So that's what we named the soap! It is just so fresh and clean smelling, and it sells great, especially when we don't mention lavender! The men love it just as much as the women! :)


Well, it smells like lavender, and that's what I payed for! Great price!