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Seems good but confused

I made a batch of soap but it didn't thicken using salt water. I used 3:1 but it was kind of watery. There isn't really any instruction on how to use this product. With the CP soaps there are tables showing how much oil and lye based on batch size but there isn't anything for this. Do you have a video or other how tos like you do for CP and MP?

How to Keep my Soap Clear

I like the soap - the consistency is nice - easy to regulate. But my soap always turns pink after awhile, due to the fragrance added. How can I avoid this?

Shower Gel recipe

Do you have a go-to shower gel recipe that you'd recommend using this with? I'm looking for something thicker like hand soap, not runny. Thanks!


I followed the ratio on the mixing and my soap keeps splitting up I get a clear mix under my bottle after it sits for a while. I have to keep shaking the bottle to mix it up again. What is going wrong with it . It look like water is sitting at the bottom.

Great product, but a little hard to work with at times!

I'm having difficulty thickening this with salt water, but I have not worked with sulfates before so I probably just keep adding too much salt all at once. LOL. The suds is very ample and long lasting in a bubble bath. The skin feel is fantastic. Even diluted, this base does a great job of suspending glitter and taking fragrance, which is amazing imho! Thank you very much for making such a wonderful product, Bramble Berry! I'm happy that I bought the full gallon size and I'm looking forward to continued experimentation with it.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Erin! I'm so glad you like this base! To thicken this base with salt water, you can add .5 oz. of regular table salt (very important to use regular table salt) to 1.5 oz. of warm distilled water. Then, mix well and add that to your base after you've added fragrance. We found about 12 mL of the salt solution in 1 lb. of base created a nice thick soap. You can also thicken this soap by adding less water to dilute it. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this more!