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Loofah Sponges: These all natural loofahs are the perfect accessory for any bath product. The loofah sponges come flat as a pancake (which is ideal for shipping). Just dunk in water to plump them up to normal size which is about 6" tall with an approximate diameter of 2.5"-4". Loofah is a natural product, so keep in mind that the sizes will vary.

Note: This is a natural vegetable product that may contains seeds.

Botanical Name:  Luffa cylindrica
Common Name:  Loofah 


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Verified Purchase
by Stephanie M
on 3/15/2015
I used this loofah in CP soap. I used the Bramble Berry square silicone mold with a slice of loofah in each. The soap turned out great but my only problem was that the loofah kept wanting to float to the surface of the soap and not stay in good. So on one side it's sticking out a bit. But they still work good so I guess that all that really matters since I'm not selling them.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Stephanie! We love our Loofah Sponges and even like how they can peek out of the soap as seen in the Sunday Night Spotlight: Loofah Sponges. To help with the loofah sticking out on one side you can trim the sponge a little further. You can also put the sponge in first then pour your Cold Process soap over it. It will help to have your CP be at a thicker trace to keep the loofah from floating up. I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!

Verified Purchase
by Brady
on 3/2/2015
love love love them
I've order different types of loofah from other companies, I stop because your loofah exfoliates better my clients just loves my loofah soaps can't keep them on the shelves, but I have a big problem I need to order now have big orders to finish and to deliver but no loofah do u have a date when they will be in , or can u give me someone else I could order them but they need to be flat loofah like your not the stiff ones .thank u Sugarbrigxo
Verified Purchase
by Kelley White-Ricks
on 1/20/2015
I had never made any soaps with loofah in them and I wanted to give it a whirl. I made a Nag Champa soap with the Honey melt and pour base, added a hint of paprika for color. They came out awesome and now that I have made soap with loofah and used a bar? I suspect my own personal bars of soap for our house will be loofah bars. ;) I would suggest...if you have never worked with loofah, when you do the pour remember the sponge will expand as it becomes saturated with melted soap, I found a slow even pour works best. ;)
Verified Purchase
by Sammy
on 11/15/2014
Great addition to MP & CP
I really appreciate that these come flattened - it makes them so much easier to cut/slice. Generally I cut the loofahs into about 1" rounds (maybe a little smaller). They are a little tough on kitchen scissors though, so if you decide to go this route just make sure not to use a pair of scissors that you like. :) Once cut, then I drop them in water to expand. It cuts out a lot of the work that goes into sawing at a regular store bought loofah to make slices. Sometimes I cheat and put the soaked loofahs in the oven, in the mold (helps with shaping/sizing), on warm to dry. Cut, these are perfect for the 12 bar round silicone mold - just add soap!
Verified Purchase
by Natalie
on 11/11/2014
I purchased 10 Loofah Sponges and tried to use them in my soap. I tried to use one last night to make my soap but it smelled so bad that I couldn't use it. Please help and let me know how to get rid of the smell?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Natalie! Loofah sponges have a natural odor that may be surprising if you've never smelled them before. However, after they are washed, dried and in your soap, that smell will not be in the final product. You can read more about them in this Sunday Night Spotlight: Loofah Sponges. I'll be emailing you personally to talk about this!

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