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Best Loofah sponges!

I am a business owner and I make loofah soaps and sale by dozens I have been ordering from Bramble Berry for awhile now... they have great fragrances. I was ordering my loofah off eBay then I decided to try BB ...WoW bye bye EBay. BB's loofah are fantastic! I can make 10 regular size bars from 1 sponge ! I don't know why there would be any complaints all you do is cut 1 piece of loofah into 5 soak in water...then cut again in half place in your mold.You will have 10 pieces Voo la! Perfect! Thank-you Bramble Berry please keep this product.

Fun Additive

Like a previous poster, I noted the product seemed rather large on reconstitution. But I didn't have any problem using it in some round cold process soap bars. I just cut it into thirds, if there were any voids, I added a little bit more in. The bars came out looking great - very natural, no problems with air pockets or the like. If you're using them for the ideal look of melt and pour, the instructions do say that you can let it dry in a form, such as a can or cylinder mold to achieve that perfect divided circle look. If I try those, I'll likely use that method and test out how it works.


If you are wanting to use these sponges to make exfoliating round soap pucks then these aren't for you. I ordered two and both were huge, one was larger than the other and it was so big I had to cut it into thirds just to get it to fit in my round 3" mold. I see the other reviews and people seem happy with them but these were more trouble than they were worth in order to use. Plus one I got had something orange stained on it almost all the way down and it shows through in the soap. I ended up buying some off E-Bay that turned out to be perfectly round and fits in my mold with room to spare.

Good stuff

This is a great product. A little piece goes a long way. Works really well in melt and pour, especially.

Awesome Value :)

Being the first time I'd used one of these, I only bought one. In my soap molds, i can get 24 soaps out of just one of these! Talk about value :) Easy to cut, fluff, fit into molds, and to M&P over. Only mold I had a problem with was the Brambleberry Muffin silicone mold, loofahs kept trying to escape ;) Waiting just a little while and poking them back in worked just fine and wasn't really all that big of deal. My loofah had no real discernible bad smell that I'd read about. Smelled like a vegetable when wet. So awesome, I'm definitely going to get more!