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Joeana M.
Excellent product

I bought this & was unsure if I would like it. This smells so good, it would make great lotion, soap, or bath bombs. I would get a bigger bottle had I known, this works for so many products.


I fell in love with this scent. I think that most people would find this very pleasing. It's not "too strong" of any one scent to be offensive. I made a fragrance using just this and perfumer's alcohol. I put some on a cotton ball and put it inside my bra/cleavage--that way I can smell it all day. Intoxicating!

Unbelievable, a must buy!

I got this as a sample that i requested to try and brambleberry was kind enough to send me, and all i can say is that it was better than i could have ever imagined, its juicy but not childish, it has a spice to it but not like you'd think, and its classy and very sexy, it fits every category of fragrance oil all in one, spicy, sweet, fruity, romantic, all in one and even makes a great perfume its just like the much better more sophisticated and exotic version of amber romance, it smells expensive.

A limited addition that will stick around

I chose this scent to replace a self-created version of an orange pomander that went over well last Christmas with my customers. I added raspberry seeds to the mix and the plan was to make it a Christmas special limited edition for the season. One of my retail clients go hold of it and has been selling out *constantly*! I'm glad I ordered a big bottle "just in case", since this one will definitely stick around.

I love this FO!

This is a great FO. Mandarin orange with the deepness of the musks and myrrh behind it, it is intriguing and a little addictive once you smell it. So far, my oldest bar is 3+ months and the scent is holding, with the orange, which is a pleasant surprise. Does discolor to a medium brown in ungelled soap and has mild acceleration, but I have been able to do swirls with it, so it's workable. I air dry my bars for about 4-5 weeks, then store them in paper bags or loosely packed in a box. I've found scents and citrus scents in particular hold much better than if they are left out.