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Marigold (Calendula) dried flower petals - Calendula is native to the Mediterranean region but can now be found all around the world. Our dried Calendula just includes the gorgeous bright gold petals, perfect for adding a touch a sunshine to your creations.

INCI: Calendula officinalis flower

Please contact us if you're interested in a larger size. We would be happy to arrange a special order for you. 

1 oz of calendula by weight

1 oz by weight of dried calendula.


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by Justin
on 10/31/2014
Pieces of cardboard
The flowers themselves look great, but I've found several pieces of cardboard (same color as the flowers) mixed in with my bag. Not sure if it's there by accident or if it's to add weight... Has anyone else found this? Also, for those of you claiming to have found "worm like insects", google: 'calendula seeds' and see if that's what you've been finding... Calendula seeds look like little curled up caterpillars.
by CM
on 3/19/2014
Keep in freezer
This is in response to the other reviewers who have found worm-like bugs in their calendula. An organic friend of mine suggested keeping the calendula in the freezer. Worm-free ever since!
by Ceme
on 1/30/2014
Smells fantastic
I have not tried mine yet, just got it and it smells amazing! Do I need to check for bugs? My bag does not appear to have anything but the marigold in it, I checked. Do I need to boil the marigold to find out if I have bugs? I was going to use just the marigold alone with the clear base for a nice soap.
by Erin
on 12/29/2013
I bought some and used a bit in a small batch of soap a month or so ago and thought it looked lovely. Today, I was going to try an infusion but when I heated it up I noticed some wormlike things floating to the top. YUCK! I had it very tightly wrapped so think they must have been in there all along. I'll be checking that soap (what I have left) carefully. Don't know if there's anything to prevent this.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Erin, thanks for contacting us. After reading this I immediately checked our inventory of Marigold (calendula) Dried, and thoroughly inspected our product for any bugs, worms or insects. I did not find anything other than Marigold, but I will be contacting you personally to help you resolve this issue.

by heather
on 7/28/2013
best calendula I've found
This is the best calendula I've found anywhere! I purchased calendula from another large soap supply company, and after a few months, it had bugs living in it(even though I had it triple bagged)!!! This is really gross since I had infused a large amount of avocado oil with the calendula for lotion and soap making. Was not happy to have all that oil wasted. I thought I was saving money buying from another company. From now on I will only buy my dried flowers from Brambleberry. BTW-I have some dried lavender, roses, and calendula from Brambleberry that is a few years old, and it's never had one bug in it. The other company told me bugs will grow in their flowers after a year...gross!!! Brambleberry = quality.
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