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  • Marrakesh Fragrance Oil

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Marrakesh: This fragrance smells like what we imagine a Moroccan Spice market in the middle of a grassy grove to smell like - notes of Bamboo, Vetiver Grass, Vanilla Orchid and Myrrh mix beautifully with Tangerine, Patchouli and Clove Leaf. The resulting fragrance is a scent suited for a men's product or a trend-setting boutique line. This fragrance performs wonderfully in candles but is tricky in cold process soap. The Clove Leaf makes it heat up and accelerate trace. Flashpoint (181ºF)

Vanilla Content: .9%

NOTE: This medium-flashpoint oil (181ºF)  cannot ship via USPS regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. 

Great News! This fragrance had been added to our Bramble Berry line. Look for it soon on our regular fragrance pages.

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by Katenik
on 2/12/2015
Reminds me of uncles' cologne! <3
Out of the bottle, my husband and I thought this smelled a bit maple-y, but smelling it again later, I picked up all these wonderful spices and richness! I loved it and couldn't wait to use it. I tried it in a HP recipe that included cocoa butter and olive oil, and thought I didn't smell Marrakesh much and blamed it on the cocoa butter, or maybe the soap being too hot when I added the FO. Actually, washing my hands with it later, it smells just fine! I only used this FO very lightly, but after washing my hands, they smell like something I swear my uncles have worn (cologne or aftershave or something) and I love it! Using the BB fragrance calculator, I went with the amount suggested for "light" scent, but next time I may go for "medium." I just started curing bars in the garage, and the husband says the garage smells incredible (first time I've heard that LOL). Gorgeous FO, thanks!
Verified Purchase
by Krista
on 6/1/2014
Nice Scent But....
After reading the previous reviews I was prepared for acceleration. Soaped at room temp with no water discount, split my batch at light trace, colored then added FO with a whisk. It accelerated so fast I barely had time to dump the colors together, give 2 quick stirs, then mold. Not only did it accel, it also riced on me. I quickly put it in the fridge to try to avoid cracking, but that didn't work either. So now I have an ugly, cracked loaf of soap that smells okay. This scent reminds me of Shave & A Haircut (once soaped anyway) so I think I'll just stick with that. In my opinion this scent isn't worth all the frustration it caused me.
Verified Purchase
by juliana
on 3/4/2014
Amazing Scent
I wanted to pour this scent all over myself from first scent. I usually read the descriptions before I make my soap so I know what Im getting myself into. I did not use the stick blender I took my time and did it the good ole fashion way and stirred. when I saw it was starting to rice i poured into my mold .the top I realized was going to look ugly (from teh ricing effect) so I threw some Calendula Flowers on top :) totally totally totally worth it
Verified Purchase
by Katie
on 3/3/2014
Wonderful masculine scent
After reading the other reviews, I decided to do this one hot process to avoid the acceleration problems. You can use less fragrance in HP, too. I love this scent - it is masculine without smelling like cologne. It's spicy and sexy; musky and just a little sweet. It's been popular with women, too.
by April
on 8/15/2013
Sweet smokey pine
I was really excited to get this based on the reviews and description. When it got here and I could finally take a whiff from the bottle I was SO disappointed-it was awful undiluted(very masculine and chemical smelling)! I went ahead and used it in body wash anyway and !WOW! It is amazing. Sort of a sweet, smokey pine (not incense-y though). LOVE LOVE LOVE this fragrance! Will keep this as one of my "regular" fragrances. What is even better is that my order came in one day and had an extra sample too! Brambleberry customer service is wonderful :)
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