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Mini Temperature Gun: This digital, infrared, non-contact thermometer is a must have for all soapmakers, from melt and pour to cold process. Temperatures range from -27ºF to 230ºF and responds in 1 second. even comes with a wrist strap! The Mini Temperature Gun is accurate to +/- 4.5 degrees Farenheit.



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by Sly
on 2/9/2014
Love my Gun, but what is the real temperature?
I love my mini Temp gun and have been using it for a year. I replaced the batteries 2 months ago, then a couple weeks later it slipped out of my gloves and plopped into the lye water! Yikes!! I called my sweetie pie handyman and he immediately took it apart & put it in rice for several days. When he put it back together it worked perfectly! Yay!! But since it was on sale in January, I bought a second one - just in case. Sadly, they both read wildly different temperatures! Just after I put the lye into room temp water, the old one read 170 degrees (which I thought was the norm). The new one reads 190 degrees. Same 15-20 degree temp difference when measuring my warm oils. Now I have really no idea what temps I've been soaping with all this time. (I tried Googling lye temp & Suri didn't know either, so I have no idea which gun is correct.) I had hopes of using one gun for oil (on one side of my little kitchen) and the other gun for lye. Oh well! I still like my little gun.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Sly, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I'm wondering if when you dropped the gun into the lye water if it did indeed break your gun, and that is the reason why they are reading two different temperatures. I will be emailing you personally to help you resolve this issue :)

by Jewell
on 1/23/2014
Plan to order another while it's on sale!
Batteries in mine lasted well over a year - nearly two. and I had no difficulty figuring out how to replace them. What I DO have a problem with is figuring out how I'm switching from Farenheit to Celsius; fortunately I can pretty much calculate the conversion on the fly. I have found that the first click on mine always yields a reading of 78 when in Farenheit mode, and I've just developed the habit of clicking twice. I've checked it against the liquid in glass thermometers I was using prior to purchasing it, and it appears to read within two degrees of those, as well as registering 210 when directed at a cup of boiling water (elevation- water boils at 210 here) I'm quite happy with it, and plan to take advantage of the current sale to buy a spare, because I dropped it into the 'scents' drawer instead of the 'tools' drawer last year and it was missing for over a month... :)
by Karla
on 1/16/2014
Loved it but batteries died . . .
After not hearing back from Brambleberry, I contacted the manufacturer. No response as to how to replace batteries from them either. So I am left to conclude that this item does not have replaceable batteries, and lasted about a year and now is headed for a landfill. Wish I would have known that in the product evaluation. I purchased one with a replaceable battery and am hoping for much longer than a year of the use I got from this product.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Karla, I’m sorry to hear you were not happy with this product. I will be emailing you personally to give you more information regarding replacement batteries.

by Darcy
on 10/25/2013
What temp to believe?
If you hold this above your soap or whatever you are trying to measure, you can move it 1/2 of an inch and get a completely different reading. One has to memorize at what distance and then take a ruler to be sure it's at that distance, to use it and so anyone picking it up to just use it quickly will have to be instructed first. I had to switch to an immersion thermometer instead.

Reply from Bramble Berry
It can be a little tricky using it as it is taking a reading off the top surface of the mixture, so we like using it as we are actually mixing the soap to get the most accurate reading. It could also be that the batteries were low and were causing the drastic temperature fluctuations for you, so we would suggest changing those!

by Britt
on 10/17/2013
worth it!
I've been using this for a year & it's held up and is still on its original batteries! Seems to be accurate. I use it when baking bread also, to make sure my water is the right temperature for yeast. A truly useful tool!
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