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Mini Temperature Gun: This digital, infrared, non-contact thermometer is a must have for all soapmakers, from melt and pour to cold process. Temperatures range from -27ºF to 230ºF and responds in 1 second. even comes with a wrist strap! The Mini Temperature Gun is accurate to +/- 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit.



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by Janine
on 10/1/2014
Great little gun but my batteries died really fast!
Really liked it but my batteries died fast!! Need to order another for a back up.
by Lynn
on 6/6/2014
Love it, but . . .
I really love this little temp gun, but I was surprised how quickly the batteries died. I've only had it for about 5 weeks (and I was on vacation for two of those weeks) and the batteries are already dead. Hoping the replacement batteries last longer but not thrilled to be buying them so soon.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Lynn! I'm sorry to hear that your batteries did not last very long. I understand how frustrating that must be. I will be contacting you personally to help resolve this issue!

by Jeanne
on 5/16/2014
Inaccurate temperature
I have been using this for about a year. When I first got it, I'm pretty sure I checked it to my old thermometer probe. But I noticed later that it was running 10-15 degrees cooler. So I changed the batteries but it didn't make a difference. So I switched back to the old thermometer and stopped using this. Maybe it started out ok but at some point it became inaccurate. Maybe it needs calibration but not sure if that's possible with this gun.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jeanne! I’m sorry to hear this gun has given you a little bit of trouble. I would recommend making sure it is on Fahrenheit and not Celsius, as sometimes that is the problem . I will be emailing you to help you resolve this issue.

by Angela
on 4/29/2014
Is rather inaccurate
I got this little gun to help with finding out the temperatures of my melt n pour. It is so innaccurate that I have to have a reading at 113 or less to keep my melt n pour embeds from melting. And I take temp. while stirring and hold it as close to the soap (without touching) as possible. You are supposed to be able to combine melt n pour at 130 or less without risk of melting and if I did it that hot I would have a mess (at least according to the reading on this gun). It is easy to use because it is so small but so inaccurate that you have to memorize what is acceptable per this gun. I am not happy with how inaccurate this gun is. A 15 + degree inaccuracy is unacceptable in my opinion!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Angela! We use this temperature gun often for our melt and pour projects, and find it works nicely! It could be that the batteries were low and were causing the drastic temperature fluctuations for you, so we would suggest changing those. I will be emailing you personally to find out more information regarding your experience with this product.

by Sly
on 2/9/2014
Love my Gun, but what is the real temperature?
I love my mini Temp gun and have been using it for a year. I replaced the batteries 2 months ago, then a couple weeks later it slipped out of my gloves and plopped into the lye water! Yikes!! I called my sweetie pie handyman and he immediately took it apart & put it in rice for several days. When he put it back together it worked perfectly! Yay!! But since it was on sale in January, I bought a second one - just in case. Sadly, they both read wildly different temperatures! Just after I put the lye into room temp water, the old one read 170 degrees (which I thought was the norm). The new one reads 190 degrees. Same 15-20 degree temp difference when measuring my warm oils. Now I have really no idea what temps I've been soaping with all this time. (I tried Googling lye temp & Suri didn't know either, so I have no idea which gun is correct.) I had hopes of using one gun for oil (on one side of my little kitchen) and the other gun for lye. Oh well! I still like my little gun.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Sly, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I'm wondering if when you dropped the gun into the lye water if it did indeed break your gun, and that is the reason why they are reading two different temperatures. I will be emailing you personally to help you resolve this issue :)

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