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  • Natural Indigo Powder

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Natural Indigo Powder:  This stunning blue powder is a natural colorant that's extracted from the leaves and stems of the indigo containing plants. Traditionally used in China as a medical remedy more common applications make use of it as a natural dye. Add this colorant to any of your favorite soap projects for a blue just like that of blue jeans. We recommend a usage rate of 1/2 teaspoon indigo per pound of soap. For a darker blue we suggest reconstituting the indigo powder in your lye solution.  

Note: Using a palm free cold process recipe will help to achieve a more consistent coloring of the soap.   

Botanical Name: Baphicacanthus Cusia (Nees) Bremek Powder


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by Lois
on 8/19/2014
LOVE the blue
I really like to use natural colorants and blue is one that is hard to get. This produces a beautiful blue that can be varied a lot by how much you add to your soap. A little goes a long way.
by Janelle
on 7/8/2014
Indigo powder
This performed quite well. I was hesitant to use too much so I didn't use enough to get a really dark blue, but the gray/blue color I did get was beautiful. I used this in CP soap and used sweet almond oil as a carrier. I will definitely purchase this again.
by Bethany
on 3/24/2014
Beautiful blue grey!
I love this color! I added it during trace and end result is a faded blue grey! Exactly what I wanted! This is an amazing natural colorant! I think it will be excellent for swirls!
by Donna
on 2/20/2014
Beautiful Worn Blue Jeans
I used the Indigo Powder in my MP process and achieved a beautiful medium blue that reminds me of my favorite pair of jeans. My first attempt was not successful but on the second turn I blended the powder with a carrier oil at a rate of 3/4 tsp per 12 oz MP base and it looks great!
by Gina
on 2/19/2014
My Soap Looks Green Not Blue. LOL
So, I tried the Indigo Powder today. I did use Palm oil, but looks like another reviewer did the same and got blue. But mine is definitely dark greenish gray. I use exclusively goat milk from my farm, is this what caused the color variation? The milk does turn yellow with lye, but I don't burn it. Put the powder in the lye/milk like suggested 1/2 tsp per pound soap. I also used Lemongrass (BB) and Patchouli (NOW) EO.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Gina! It sounds like you are experiencing some discoloration from your essential oils. Lemongrass Essential Oil discolors to a yellow color, and when combined with blue your soap would be green! In order to achieve a true blue hue, I would recommend using a fragrance or essential oil that does not discolor. You can find a list of white fragrances here.

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