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  • Natural Indigo Powder

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Natural Indigo Powder:  This stunning blue powder is a natural colorant that's extracted from the leaves and stems of the indigo containing plants. Traditionally used in China as a medical remedy more common applications make use of it as a natural dye. Add this colorant to any of your favorite soap projects for a blue just like that of blue jeans. We recommend a usage rate of 1/2 teaspoon indigo per pound of soap. For a darker blue we suggest reconstituting the indigo powder in your lye solution.  

Note: Using a palm free cold process recipe will help to achieve a more consistent coloring of the soap.   

Botanical Name:
 Baphicacanthus Cusia (Nees) Bremek Powder
Common Name:  Natural Indigo


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on 6/2/2015
Love this natural colorant.
I have been trying color my soaps with mostly natural colorants and I love the blue hue this powder gives. I recently just made blueberry soap with Alkanet root and the Indigo powder. The result is beautiful purple and blue swirls. It looks great! I wanted to also make a blueberry flavored lip balm and was wondering if the Indigo Powder was lip safe? I've seen others use it but haven't been able to get a clear answer.
Verified Purchase
by Kimberly
on 3/30/2015
Love it!
I purchased this pigment on a whim, and after tweaking it enough to get my now signature mossy green color for my soaps. I can't do without it! The color is so natural and my soaps look fantastic.
by Annette
on 2/19/2015
Love this as a natural blue
I'm starting to experiment more with natural colorants, and this powder made an excellent blueberry color for my blueberry soap! In truth, I didn't measure and didn't mix with oil or lye solution. In a hot process batch, I just sprinkled a bunch on as it was cooking and kept mixing it in as it cooked, and I got a wonderful gray/purple/blue color that looks just like blueberry yogurt!
Verified Purchase
by Diane
on 12/22/2014
I am updating my review after cutting my CP soap. Although my soap came out more gray than I thought it would, its not bad. I put the indigo in my lye water. Next time I will put it in the oils first.
Verified Purchase
by Lois
on 8/19/2014
LOVE the blue
I really like to use natural colorants and blue is one that is hard to get. This produces a beautiful blue that can be varied a lot by how much you add to your soap. A little goes a long way.
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