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Smells fantastic and soaps like a dream. Very spa-like. Something about it reminds me of Perry Ellis' 360 perfume. I think they share a water-like note.

Mariel Paz
back to my childhood

i just adore this fragrance reminds me when my grandmother bathed us and then a colony with this smell ... can not remember the name ... but when I get the fragrance as sampler and smelled, i go back to be a Little girl... .my sister smelled too and immediately remembered ... just increlible


First let me say, this FO is to DIE for. I was on the fence about this after smelling it out of the bottle. At first it was kinda skunky-I now understand what I am smelling when I smell it straight out of the bottle. However, I placed a couple drops on a cotton pad and let it sit in my bedroom. WOW. It morphed into this soft, bright, happy fragrance. It reminds me of laying out on the bow of the sail boat, the sun warming your skin and the water lapping at the hull and the sails flapping in the breeze. This fragrance oil is AMAZING.


This scent reminds me of the magnolia trees in my moms yard. This is my fav!! I love it. I love it. I purchased a big bottle. Even if it doesn't sell in soap, lotion and candles. I will use it for myself

Love this FO

This one is right at the top of the list for me....want a twist to it? Blend 50/50 with Energy scent. Absolutely awesome.....