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Not lucky

Bought 5 of these molds, hoping to like at least one of them. The molds themselves are very sturdy. But I received 3 that were just blank shapes with no designs on them, and 2 with designs that I didn't like. Pretty disappointing.

Wow what a surprise!

I love the molds I received! I didn't expect them to be so nice and the designs I received are just great, perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Love the surprise!

I want to buy more of these! I was only able to find one little "oops" on one of my molds and even that could be fixed on the final soap! I've used all but the cute baby bodysuit and I plan to use that one next! I do have to wait a little extra to get them out of the molds..and broke the edge of a mold being impatient, but if you wait a little bit or put them in the freezer for a few minutes they come out wonderfully! Love them..can't wait to be surprised again soon!

cold process soap?

Love these! will order some with every order. It was fun pulling them all out of the bag to see what I got! Can you use these with cold process soap or just M&P?


When you're looking to try new things, or don't quite know what you want, give it a shot. I liked a good 4/5 of the molds and the one I probably would have never ordered isn't useless either. I think it gives me a great starting point on what other molds I'd like to order. Plus it's just fun when you don't know what you're going to get but you know it'll be cool. Definitely going to order again!