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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

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  • I just recieved my order today. I could not be more pleased with it, everything is very well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. This is the first order I place with your company, but it will definitely not be my last. Thank you very much for the generous sample you included with my order. Once again, thank you

    L.R. 9/6/2007
  • I would like to extend my thanks to your company for openinig a door that has been so fullfilling to a stay at home Mommy. I kid you not no pun intended I was becoming a Mommy On The Verge! until I met A lady who has become a wonderful friend at the local Farmers Market And Intoduced me to your website after teaching me how to make simple basic soap recipes, I'm hooked All of my orders will be from your company.

    T.C. in TX 9/6/2007
  • I ordered many different Mango scents to compare them...then I got your Fresh Mango, and WOW!!! It floored me. I knew this was the one immediately. It does take more fragrance to scent my products, but the results are soooo worth it! It does well in CP soap, sugar scrubs, lotions, you name it! Yum!! Thanks for another great product

    M.W. in CA 9/6/2007
  • .. I have been enormously pleased with everything about your company. Always a personal touch, your testing of products and recommendations, your quick filling of orders, and the willingness to speak to me whenever I have a question, I consider you and your company a valuable resource

    J.K. 9/6/2007
  • I just want to let you know that I love your prodcuts and your great turn-around time. That is all-keep up the good work

    K.Z. 9/6/2007
  • I would like to express my thanks to Anne-Marie and the staff at Bramble Berry/Otion. Twice now they have answered general business questions that were unrelated to their products. To me this shows a strong sense of wanting to help people and professionalism. Your team and company will be on the top of my vendor list!! Thank you again for your support and rapid responses to my questions.

    J.R. in MN 9/6/2007
  • I received a sample of your Lilac with an order recently, loved it so much, smells so life like!! It is now one of my best sellers. I also recently purchase your Cybilla Ginger Pear and it is my BEST seller!! Thank you for your great scents, looking forward to trying more!!!

    K.D., Victoria, B.C. Canada 9/6/2007
  • I just wanted to say that I love coming to your website. Its very informative and explains everything about what I am buying. I have been to other websites where I had to have a minimum order to buy and yours do not and thats what I love about it and thats what keeps me coming back because you don't gouge the customers on shipping fees and handling fees and other fees. Keep up the great work!

    Michelle 9/6/2007
  • I love your products. I can depend on you to send my items fast, and well packaged.Matter of fact, I am going to apply for the same product Insurance that you use. It took me a while to find someone reliable and reasonably priced, I am anticipating retiring in a few months....and can't wait to start making my very own 'Specialty soap Products.So far, everyone loves my 'Jewel-tone heart shaped pour boxes with complimentary guess soaps. OOPS!....Anne Marie is coming on Fox 5 at 10 am..GOTTA GO!

    S.B. 9/6/2007
  • I have visited your website three or four times since someone turned me on to you. It is such a wonderful place and I have learned a great deal just by reading all of your ads for merchandise....My first batch is really still aging but should be ready in a week or so. I am 54 years old, disabled, retired and having a lot of fun. I hope my family is ready, like they were years ago, to try my soap like they were to eat all of my home canned fruit in the 70's.....

    L.E. 9/6/2007
  • Nicole: You are the absolute BEST. I got my things today...which by the way are so awesome...I didnt realize that I had ordered so many things. There really really great. Also, thank you for the samples. I look forward to using your company in the future

    D.J., in NY 9/6/2007
  • I would like to thank you for your quick turn around on all of the orders I have placed with Brambleberry. I order from many different companies for the products that I use for myself and my business. Brambleberry has the best turn-around time of any so far.

    P.S., in MI 9/6/2007
  • Much praise to Anne-Marie. I attended the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conference in Portland 2 weeks ago. Anne-Marie was great. Also, thank you for the freebies you were giving out at the conference. I only had time to get the Suspending Liquid Soap and I love it.

    K.L. 9/6/2007
  • I am very pleased with your lavender fragrance oil. Can't keep the soap I make on hand. It is my biggest seller.

    E.T. 9/6/2007
  • I just received the Passionfruit Papaya FO this morning and we have already soaped it. It is absolutely fantastic! We made of batch of white MP which had 1 tbsp coconut oil per pound and dyed it Tropical Orange. We hope that it will be a good seller for us. Since we live in the tropics, tropical scented soaps sell better for us than the tradional scents sold in the States. I am very pleased with your products and your service.

    B.M., in Guam 9/6/2007
  • Thank you so much! I received my order this morning:) I just wanted you and your staff to know that I am a very happy customer. Thank you very much for your wonderful service and quality products. I love my new hobby!

    L.L., in TN 9/6/2007
  • I love the Passionfruit Papaya! It works great on CP and the fragrance is delicious! My customers are very pleased with it, and so is my pocket!

    N.V., in Puerto Rico 9/6/2007
  • Thank you and your staff for such great products and service.

    E.R., in OR 9/6/2007
  • Break the Rules Soap. I must tell you,THANK YOU. I made this soap, and by the way this is the first soap I ever made, other than M&P. It came out wonderful. I even re batched half of it and added ground luffa to it. This is the most wonderful exfoliating moisturizing bar I have ever used. Thanks so much for giving me the courage to make soap. And the best soap I have ever use. GREAT BIG Thanks.

    N.S., in FL 9/6/2007
  • I just received my order! Wow! I am sooo impressed. This is my first order from BB and I can tell you right now, you have yourself a new dedicated customer. The moroccan fig is TO DIE FOR! I'm kicking myself because it was the smallest bottle I ordered! Oh and thank you for the free sample. That was so sweet of you! Carry on, great stuff! awesome, awesome, awesome!

    D.F., in RI 9/6/2007
  • Praise for your sliding soap boxes!! They are the perfect packaging. I love them. And, my husband and I praise your Goat's Milk Soap. It's awesome.

    D.S. 9/6/2007
  • I absolutely love your products and use them on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoy the soap making process and the melt and pour bases that you sell are of excellent quality. I am a director of Therapeutic Recreation and an Alzheimer's Practitioner. It's a high pressure and stressful occupation. Soap making has really helped me to unwind. I'd be lost without it. Don't change a thing about your products and give your customer service people a pat on the back. They are all so helpful, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

    P.G. 9/6/2007
  • I wanted to thank you for getting another bottle of Aloe out to me so quickly. My bottle I ordered was damaged during shipment, I was truly amazed when the bottle was replaced and so quickly. It was priority mailed to me and I got it two days later. I am so grateful for your wonderfull service and your quick response to my broken aloe bottle. Thanks for everything.

    C.W. 9/6/2007
  • Thanks Amber, I always seem to mess up my order with you guys....Good news is I love everything I've received from your company.....Thanks to your products and all the information you have on your site, I am grateful for not only resolving my own skin problems but being able to help others who suffered like I have. The commercial cosmetics industry has done a huge injustice to people and I'm glad that companies like yours exist. Thanks!

    L.H. 9/6/2007
  • I received my colorants today from Norman and the order was perfect. Norman always gets everything absolutely perfect when I order and gets them out quickly, so this is just a big THANK YOU to Norman!

    D.W., in Alabama 9/6/2007