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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

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  • I have been ordering from you for quite awhile now and must say that I love your products and how quickly I receive my order. I am co-founder of a small company, Baby Breaux, and recently received some larger orders. I didn't have enough ingredients to fulfill the orders and found it quick and easy to order what I need from you. So, thank you!!

    J.B. in CO 9/6/2007
  • I just wanted to thank you for all the great info. You folks are truly the most helpful site around. Plus your products are best too. Thank you again and have a nice weekend!

    N.R. in OH 9/6/2007
  • In my last order you included a fragrance sample for Feliz Navidad. Wow, do you ever have an idea what you put in gear with that! The smell is very similar to a speciality cookie our town is famous for. I actually think I have to place an emergency order with you so I can make another batch of those soaps! Thanks for your great products, the inspiration you give me and - of course - awesome customer service!

    T.C., in Switzerland 9/6/2007
  • Thank you so much for all your help yesterday. I'm really glad I came down as I probably would never have ordered the Turkish Mocha. Being able to smell the fragrances really helps. Your store was the highlight of my day...

    B.A. in Canada 9/6/2007
  • I would just like to say thank you once again. Your website has everything that I am looking for from lip colors to the containers. Thanks for making it so easy for me to get started.

    L.A. 9/6/2007
  • I ordered some of the milky way molds to make soaps for over 100 guests at my son's wedding. I hadn't had much success in the past with molds, and I was pretty concerned. Also this was the first order I had ever placed with you, so I wasn't sure how soon I'd get the order fulfilled, especially since I'm on the east coast. I got the molds very quickly. I wanted to let you know I made over 200 bars of soap in the past week, and the molds worked like a dream. The soaps are gorgeous, and I'm sure all of the guests will be happy with their gifts. Thank you very much for the great service and products you offer.

    M.W. in MD 9/6/2007
  • I just had to tell you guys about my success with your soap products. I was hooked on your company after I received my first order and I opened the box to see "Thanks Shumara" written on the flap. It felt like I had someone out there rooting for my success...

    S.T. in NY 9/6/2007
  • THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! for a great service and for a fast delivery. The lost Labcolor order arrived today and everything is fine. Thank's to Nicole for a special kindness and for helping me with this lost shipment. A happy customer.

    L.A. in Puerto Rico 9/6/2007
  • I just wanted to let you know a few things. My beveler that I ordered is great. I made a batch of soap with cocoa powder and it turned orangy brown on the edges. The beveler sliced all the yucky parts off and saved my batch. The bars look great now....Thanks alot for everything. You guys do give great service even to us 'foreigners'. Too bad there isn't a Bramble Berry in Canada.

    P.B. in Canada 9/6/2007
  • ... Just wanted to let you know that you're doing a good job in satisfying us soap makers. I feel I can consider myself one now. (Smile) I also want to thank you for the free sample of "Feliz Navidad" fragrant oil. I've used it already and it smells really great!! I have just ordered a few more soap molds from you and looking forward to using them...

    C. in AZ 9/6/2007
  • Got my order last week and was more than pleased. The products were fantastic, but I appreciated the extra care in packaging-the "thanks" for my order and the sample scent which did not find until yesterday when I was going to empty the packing beans! Yum! The contrast between your company and another one I received an order from were like night and day. I will look forward to ordering from Bramble Berry again.

    K.B. in MN 9/6/2007
  • I purchased your 5 gal melter at Otion several months ago and just wanted to tell you THANKS!!! It works wonderful for lotions. It makes my life so much easier. The quality of this unit is exceptional and worth every penny. I am sure it will be melting lotion for years. I was in Otion yesterday and LOVE all the new changes to the store. Glenn and Jennifer are so GREAT. They are so accomadating and helpful. Glenn even takes all my products out to my van for me -- WOW how helpful is that when you have a 5 year old in tow! Thanks for having a great product line and an excellent and knowledgable staff.
    (Note: Otion is Bramble Berry's retail store in Bellingham, WA)
    M.A., in WA 9/6/2007
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sea Moss!!! Please add it to your permanent lineup, please please please! It is very similar to Philosophy's Message in a Bottle, a scent I've been seeking for ages. Thanks!!

    C.L. in OR 9/6/2007
  • I recently have become "addicted" to bath bombs, so decided to try making them myself. I ran across your site by accident and decided to order some products from you. I am so pleased to have found you!! My order arrived quickly and the free sample was wonderful. Thank you SO much for great service and great products. Now that I've mastered bath bombs, I'm tempted to start making my own soap, lotions, and lip balm!

    V.C. in WA 9/6/2007
  • I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service and quality of the products you send me. You folks are awesome! I am always excited to see what kind of samples you're going to send! Thank you so much for being Brambleberry!

    T.L. in OR 9/6/2007
  • (Regarding our Teach Soap website)

    I was so pleased to find your website. All the imformation that it contains makes me feel more than confident in exploring this area of creativity I've always been interested in exploring. Your website layout and design was so inviting and made me feel right at home. I'm amazed at all the information you have! I had no idea there was so much at hand. I remember as a child, my mother had these small bath bombs or cubes, though I didn't know that is what they were called, on her dresser and I'd seek to get one just to see it disolve in the water. Now I can have them anytime.

    Fran, in Australia 9/6/2007
  • I wanted to tell you how happy I am with my Duck Molds. They made the perfect children's soap, and the Pearberry the perfect scent. I work with CP soap, the molds were beautiful but not too detailed so that I would worry about air bubbles (no tapping). Made them yesterday and woke up to beautiful pearberry ducks. Everybody wants them. Well -- off to make more.

    S.W., in MA 9/6/2007
  • Thanks for my order that I received today! I appreciate the sample of Lavender FO and the coupon! My order was on time and the tracking email I got for the package was very helpful. I look forward to making my next batch of soap from your products!

    D.C., in CA 9/6/2007
  • thanx for the cool ideas!! i'll use them! trust me!! i'm putting this web site on my favorites!! thanx again!

    Nicky, in IL 9/6/2007
  • I recently ordered a sample of the Sea Moss fragrance and I'm emailing to say, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!try to add this to your permanent line. It is hands down, the best ocean-type scent I've ever tried, and I've tried just about all of them. You've outdone yourself recently with the Fresh Mango and the Tahitian Vanilla, too. Keep up the good work.

    Wrenne, in AZ 9/6/2007
  • I just started ordering from you and had to tell you what a great company you have. The quality of your products is superb! The service is impeccable! The times I have spoken on the phone with your company I was always impressed by the professional and courteous attitude displayed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! BRAMBLE BERRY is just what crafters of many venues needed! Thanks again ~ P.S. ~ The notes in the shipping boxes and the free samples are such a welcome touch!

    Paula, in NV 9/6/2007
  • Thank you so much for your fast delivery. I was so suprised to find the sample of the sandalwood vanilla scent that you gave me. I must say that I absolutely *love* it and will be using it in everything I can. You can bet I'll be ordering more of it when I run out! (plus trying some of your other scents when I get a chance.) I am awe struck at the size of the chamile extract that I ordered! For starters around here I can't find it. Secondly, I was expecting a smaller bottle. If I bought a bottle that size of any oil or extract here I'd be looking at a six dollar ticket price minimum for a bottle half the size. I'v known about your site for a couple of years and had the itch for just as long to order but somehow couldn't bring myself to do so until a friend of mine praised you guys *highly*. Just let me say that you have won yourselves another loyal customer in me. There is very little that I need that you don't have. I will be placing more orders as soon as I can. Thank you very much!

    U.K. 9/6/2007
  • My husband and I just bought some of the basic 12 colors so we could try them. I made a soap batch of 37 ounces of oils and lye water and used 2 ounces of fuschia color (I went with a mid range of your usage guide). WOW!!! The color is the three "B's"--bolt, brilliant and beautiful. I cannot wait for the soap to dry. I have also tried the colors in my lotions and creams. I still do not believe I only had to use 3 drops of diluted color for per 8 ounce batch. The colors were soft and relaxing. Needless to say I AM HOOKED!!! I can't wait to see what else I can come up with next. Love the product!!! Thanks so much for making these not only fun to use, but VERY economical.

    C.H. 9/6/2007
  • Thank you for my wonderful order, again you are very prompt with sending out orders. your products are wonderful. love all the fragances i've gotten this far. I also love all the samples that come with the order. very impressed with you. also when there is a problem with damage or a billing problem you are very prompt with your reply. love your company. the best i've found. L.C. in OR 8/31/2007
  • I just want to thank you for your quick response to my last order and for the bottle of OMH you sent me. I wish you can continue having such a nice customer service. Your loyal customer. N.V. in Puerto Rico 8/31/2007