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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

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  • I just want to say thank you. I have ordered from you twice now and I have been very pleased with the service and products so far. I love that your fragrance oils are CP tested and that you give acceleration and discoloration information. It is especially handy to have that information on the invoice. And the quick turn-around time, gotta love that! I also really appreciate your commitment to recycling and being energy-neutral. Many companies have quality soap supplies; your commitment to the environment encourages me to order from you instead.

    M.D. in California 9/9/2007
  • I have surfed the net daily since March because of my interest in adding a line of soap and some aromathery products to my products. Well today, you have truly given me a thrill to find impecable products such as yours.
    ; and I am definately going to place an order next week. I have printed some of line that I am interested in, and will go over them to make my selection. Thank you, Thank you! A++++

    C.B. 9/9/2007
  • Okay, I confess...I ordered some fragrance oils from another company--but only because you didn't have the ones I wanted (Lily of the Valley, Magnolia, Peony, Sweet Pea, and Waterlily). Now I regret that I didn't wait for you to come with those scents! The other company's scents were weakly insipid and did not smell very realistic. The upshot was that I ended up using a lot more of their fragrance oils in my products than I do with yours. Lesson learned: I'm sticking with you!

    L.F., in Japan 9/9/2007
  • Hello! I received my recent order over the weekend and wanted to thank you for sending me the free mold and scent because you were out the cranberry that I ordered. Great Customer Service! I've dealt with many companies on the internet and have never received anything free because an item was out of stock!

    B.M., in Delaware 9/9/2007
  • I have been making soap for 6 years, I started by selling at the local Farmers Market and experienced success. Soon after a manufacturer approached me and I went national. I added an entire product line to my existing soap business. This is when I stopped enjoying soap making! The focus became sales, sales and more sales and I soon realized that what I like about soap making was the creative process and the one on one with my customer base. During the time of my expansion we were not using Brambleberry, I found you after I sold my business and went back to making small batches for friends and family. I have tried several other suppliers and I have to say the quality of products you offer and the excellent service keeps me coming back to you every time. I also teach soap making and recommend Bramble Berry to all my students. Thank you for emulating integrity in business.

    H.C., in Alaska 9/9/2007
  • it's july, and after browsing through the christmas section of this site, i'm aching for a snowstorm. my friends and i usually have a little party in early winter to make soaps for christmas, and i have ordered base from bramble berry in the past. this year, i will DEFINITELY be getting some christmas scents and molds. this is a happy happy site!

    A.A. 9/9/2007
  • WOW! I can't think of any other way to describe my reaction to this site! My emotions and thoughts are all scrambled up! I came to learn about from an eBay seller when I purchased her lip gloss/balm recipes. She recommended this site to me for supplies. So I came to take a peek and I found myself calling out to my hubby asking him if I can buy stuff already, LOL! This is exactly what my family needs! Our kids go thru shampoos, conditioners, lotions, hand soaps, body washes, bubble bath and more, like crazy!!! Now my growing daughter wants lip glosses and body glitter gels! But it's all getting expensive! I was just remembering the other day that when I was a little girl, I used to play in my grandmother's bathroom for hours using up all her soap. I remember it had the word 'glycerin' on it. I love that kind of soap. It's clear and smooth. And I'd been thinking recently, IF only I knew how to make soaps and lotions and such so we wouldn't run out and it would save us a lot of money! And here, on this very site, I've found what I've been looking for. I stay home, no outside job, just recently I started selling on eBay. I wanted to make my own things, crafts and such, to help me and my family get what we need out of it and I could sell it to make that extra cash. Now I can do just that! This site, really did something for me. I'm not such a spiritual person, but I do believe, that I do. But this site, it's really touched me, truly! You've got to know that! It's not fancy but definitely not plain. It's cozy and personal. I like that. Keep up the great work, and I'm gonna tell a lot of military wives about this site, cuz they all sit at home like me, LOL!

    K.A. 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products, customer service, and help. I stumbled across your website as I started making lotions and soaps and am SO glad I did! It's the only site I go to now. As a beginner, I've submitted SEVERAL questions to your staff and have always been answered promptly. Again, thank you SO much for everything. You have a customer for life.

    J.D. in Nevada 9/9/2007
  • Hi there, I love your products and am so glad I discovered your store! I appreciate how quickly you get my orders to me and I always enjoy your samples - it's got me trying (and using) blends that wouldn't ordinarily appeal to me. I just tried your new foamy pump bottle, and it works beautifully - I've already added foamy soap to my product line.

    C.W. in Oregon 9/9/2007
  • Hello! I received my small order from you today and had to say THANK YOU so very much. You included a Banana fragrance oil (smells fab) as a gracious "extra"...please know how important and wonderful this is to me. I'm just starting out, scents are obviously huge on my list of acquisitions, and this is a perfect way for me to try your oils which I may not have otherwise. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Your future repeat customer.

    M.F. 9/9/2007
  • I just want to send a thank you note. Thank you for such a complete site. My sister & I are trying to start our own business. Your site has made it alot easier than I ever thought possible. Your'e products are wonderful.Everything I have ordered has been the best quality , and has arrived so quickly. Thank you keep up the greast work.

    T.L. 9/9/2007
  • Just a quick note to let you know that I recieved my order today. I am very pleased with my order. It's been a pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to future purchases!

    L.I. in Massachusetts 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to let you know that everything is fine. (I am new to this) This is my third order from you, and I must say I am very happy with your service, and of course your products. Thanks again.

    M.H. in Indiana 9/9/2007
  • I received my order Saturday, April 24. I really appreciate the fast shipping! Just wanted to let you know I found your site on Yahoo search under soap making supplies, and found the site very easy to navigate. I found the site very easy on the eyes, kind of soothing. Sometimes I would just chill out and look at the soap molds. Really! Anyway I found all of the products I purchased matched the descriptions on the site. I can't wait to use them! The prices are the most comptetitive of the sites I've looked at. I'm new to cold-process soap making. Also a special thanks for the Earth Musk fragrance sample! That was very nice of you. Thanks for everything, I will definately be back!

    J.M. in Michigan 9/9/2007
  • It is such a pleasure to deal with your company. I have to tell you that the surplus Cherry Almond is just outstanding!! This one is just tops in my book!! Thank you to everyone at Bramble Berry!

    S. in Oregon 9/9/2007
  • I wanted to tell you how much I love the surplus cherry almond! I've made two 4 lb. batches with it so far, had no problems at all @ 0.5 oz PPO doing CP with low temperatures. This scent has been my best-selling scent FOUR weekends running out of all of the soaps I offer. I would love love love to see this one be part of your regular line up. It rocks!

    C.L. in Oregon 9/9/2007
  • Just wanted to say how happy I am that you are carrying the Soapy Clean FO in your regular line. I bought some last year (don't remember if it was surplus or discontinued). Anyway, it has been a very popular fragrance in my goat milk soaps. I will definitely buy more of it soon! Thanks!

    B.B. in Washington 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I email 3 wholesale suppliers and you were the only one to answer my questions. I have placed an order with you, and should my venture prove profitable, I will be ordering even more. All the links that you have supplied me with are also a great help.

    L.D. in Tennessee 9/9/2007
  • The web site is simply designed and I found the product I was looking for right away! The secure check out process was streamlined with various shipping method options.

    My order came on time, contents safe from damage, with an unexpected sample! I will definitely return to order more supplies for my new business adventure, and will be most proud to recommend to interested associates.

    S.T. in California 9/9/2007
  • I love the things I just ordered from you. I have tried the pearly pear and cherry almond in cp soap and it worked great. Thank you.

    A.E. in N.Carolina 9/9/2007
  • Howdy! I am writing to say thanks, eventhough I usually do when I send an inquiry. I really appreciate your advice and your prompt replies. You gals are the best!

    C.W. in Arizona 9/9/2007
  • I just received your Strawberry FO and the Spiral Flower Stamp yesterday..(a day early too:) The Strawberry is awesome and I love the even got thumbs up from my husband:) Thanks for the great service, great prices and the great products! You are batting a thousand!

    S.T. in Nebraska 9/9/2007
  • I was at the Otion store in Feb or March and just loved your packaging, your oils and your specials.

    K.K. in Washington 9/9/2007
  • Rec'd my order-perfectly packaged and the fragrance surprise was great! Can't wait to try your types of melt and pours! Happy as always!

    J.C. in Arizona 9/9/2007
  • Thank you for your wonderful products, but mostly, your personal touch, including the free samples that you have sent me with my previous orders. You guys really do things differently and very pleasant!

    M.K. in Virginia 9/9/2007