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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

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  • I got my package on the 14th, and I was delighted with the order! Your service was good, I love the products, and what more can I say but thanks! It was right on my doorstep when I got home. I am very pleased.

    B.R. in Alaska 9/9/2007
  • We are so excited....both "Soaping Parties" that we (my daughter Chris and I) presented at 2 of our customers home..... were GREAT successes. Now, we are going to do an "Open House" in my home for the ladies in my development, before Christmas. Everyone LOVES our products, and it's because of the wonderful ingredients that we purchase from you. Thank you so much for all your wonderful help and your wonderful supplies. Also want to tell you how much we love the Santa Spruce. When I smell it, I close my eyes, and I feel like I'm sitting in front of my Christmas Tree. Now that we've exhausted our inventory w/ the parties, I'm going to have a HUGE order going to you.

    G.M. in Pennsylvania 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to thank you guys for a good job on customer service, excellent products, and fair shipping prices. I really appreciate that you ship Priority Mail and charge the actual shipping amount. I feel like most merchants gouge their customers on shipping, and I really appreciate that you don't. Keep up the good work.

    L.B. in North Carolina 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to write and let the both of you know how much we appreciate the time you both have taken in sending the instructions and patterns for the log mold. At this point they are like gold to me. I realize that sometimes rookie soapers may ask a lot of questions but I wanted you both to know that we do appreciate your help and vendors like yourself and Brambleberry only make us better.

    R.B. in Texas 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to let you know that it is so encouraging to see the "Soapers of the month" stories. I am on a tiny income and trying to start my own soapmaking /natural body care products business. It so encourages me to see "real people" like the woman you have on this month's story. I really appreciate it, it helps a lot.

    T.M. 9/9/2007
  • I am a new customer of Bramble Berry and I have to say that I LOVE your company! For all my soap making supplies, you have the widest variety at the lowest prices I have found on the web!! I got into this hobby to make Christmas presents for family and friends, and you have made it a most enjoyable experience...especially for someone who has very little money!!! Thanks so very much! You are wonderful!!!

    J.W. in Indiana 9/9/2007
  • Received my order the other day and wanted to thank you for the Sample Applejack Peel fragrance oil. It was a surprise, and I love the scent. Thank you!

    C.M. in Michigan 9/9/2007
  • My name is Paul Lequerica, and I recently purchased 10lbs of Opaque Melt & Pour Soap base from your company. I just wanted to email you to say how incredibly impressed and happy I am w/your product. I have a small soap & lotion company, and this base is by far the BEST glycerin soap base I've ever used. I'm no longer using my old supplier for my glycerin soap base, and replacing them with you. Just wanted to say how very satisfied I am!! Thanks again! New York City 9/9/2007
  • Thank you so much for the FOs...we just went bonkers over have two sure fire winners on your hands. I will be making some soap and things with them in the next few days, my word, the uses for the Almond Biscotti boggle my mind, I tell you!

    The Santa Spruce just screams Christmas and cool days, great memories being made, and snow capped mountains,...makes me long for them so. Thank you so very much.

    C.P. 9/9/2007
  • As someone who also buys (a small amount) of bulk oils from major suppliers I know what kind of job you have and commend you on the professionalism of your company! I have never bought a fragrance from you that has been less than top quality. Thank you.

    C.F. 9/9/2007
  • I have chosen to purchase my supplies exclusively from Brambleberry. You have been so good to me and I enjoy your products so much that I could never think of buying anywhere else. The quality and prices are unbeatable and you have the best customer service of any business that I have ever dealt with. My customers have always raved about my products and it is because of the quality of the raw materials that I start with. They are especially fond of the lotion base. I searched and searched for the best and finally found it with Brambleberry.

    I look forward to doing business with Brambleberry for a long time to come. Thanks for all your wonderful products and outstanding service. I feel that Brambleberry has become more than just a supplier, but more like a good friend. Thanks for that!

    M.M. in Massachusetts 9/9/2007
  • That Almond Biscotti oil is HEAVENLY! I cannot make up soaps w/ that oil fast enough! Everyone I show those Almond Biscotti-scented soaps to, order multiple bars! I cannot get over how scrumptious that oil smells! Neither can my customers! What a winning product! Thanks again.

    N.G. in Alaska 9/9/2007
  • I have to say I love doing business with the people at Bramble Berry. I ordered online some colorants/micas on Thursday and received them today (Sat.) at my doorstep...For those of you looking to add a great new scent to your
    Christmas soap line...try Anne-Marie's new Santa Spruce F.O. It's great! I love getting packages from Bramble Berry...I look forward to the samples every time!

    T.A. in New York 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I was when I received my package from you. Lovely, lovely fragrances, now I can make the most sweet-smelling lotions and soaps, I can't even buy stuff that smells this good! Thank you so much for shipping worldwide, I have no idea how I would get hold of your beautiful products otherwise. You make my day.

    S.W. in Sweden 9/9/2007
  • I received my order yesterday and I couldn't believe how fast it got to me. The molds are awesome!! As a soaper just starting out, your service and selection is incredible. Everything I need to get started is right on your site. Thank you.

    B.M. in Florida 9/9/2007
  • I just got my order and MAN was it speedy!! Oh y'all just have the best sniffs in town. I love everything, I'm terribly addicted to Ginger Souffle and now I have a giant bottle to make all my favorite stuff!! Thanks so much for the sample Nag Champa! You guys just got yourselves a new customer for life, I'm telling all my soap grrls about you!! YAY BrambleBerry!!!

    C.L. in Arizona 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to tell you that I received my package today and was extremely impressed. The herbal essence FO smelled exactly like the pink shampoo of the same name, the peach was tart and juicy - exactly what I was looking for and unlike so many that smell more like a cheap Kool-Aid than anything else and oh boy - the violet - I can see why people rave about it. It brought me back to my childhood obsession with the Violet soap gum. I was so impressed with the chocolate orange truffle flavoring and can't wait to try it out in a batch of lip balm./ I can definitely see why so many remain loyal to Bramble Berry. The products are outstanding and the customer service is fantastic. Thank you very much for a thoroughly enjoyable shopping experience. You will definitely be receiving more business from me in the near future.

    J.T. in Canada 9/9/2007
  • I'm new to the soap making business and placed my very first order with your company a few weeks ago. I could not let this go by without saying something. Not only did my package arrive super fast, but I asked for a sample and you sent me a sample or Orchid fragrance which made a great soap with Chamolile tea water and a few other ingredients and now I have my roomates girl friend practically raiding my soap area. I have to keep telling her to wait 30

    If that wasn't enough, when I received my order, I had a question and e-mail it. Not only was my question answered in a reasonable amount of time, but instructions and a link to a website was also sent. Maybe it's the fact that I'm from New Jersey and not used to great customer service but all I can say is WOW, you're company showed exceptional customer concern and I'm grateful for that. You have a life-long customer in me.

    D.D. in New Jersey 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to let you know that I rec'd my package today and everything was in excellent condition. The packaging was very well done. I love the grass stain sample you sent with my order! I'll be ordering some soon. Once again, thanks for the quality service and products.

    D.C. in Tennessee 9/9/2007
  • I just received the soap molds they are wonderful! AND you sent a sample of basil/lime oil, I am impressed and because of this I will probably order this oil. Thank you so much

    S.B. in California 9/9/2007
  • I received my first order from you in yesterday's mail, thank you for the fast shipping and great packaging. (And for my free samples!) I'm eagerly looking forward to receiving my second order from you! Many thanks for your great selection -

    C.L. in Rhode Island 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to let you know that one of your employees, Carly, did a great job of customer service last Friday. I placed an order over the phone at 1:00 p.m. and let her know that I really needed the order to go out that day, if possible. I explained that I had an order that needed to be delivered today, Monday. In spite of the late order, she stayed late and got my order out, so that I received it in time!!

    As usual, it's a pleasure doing business with Bramble Berry because of the great products and helpful employees!!

    D.R. in Washington 9/9/2007
  • I just received my order and I am pleased at how quickly it arrived. I am so happy with the molds I received. I have had a really hard time finding molds that make a nice sized bar and also that have a beautiful design. I am so tickled. I am also pleased with the scents I ordered and cannot wait to try some others. It is very difficult to find quality scents! I appreciated the free sample of red apple. My son absolutely loved the smell and wanted me to make him his own special bar of soap. You have a customer for life!

    D.B. in Washington 9/9/2007
  • Thanks so much for having such great products. I make a "man" soap with your white MP and the Bonsai FO. I had a male customer tell me today that the soap he bought from me was the best. He loved how moisturizing and log lasting it is. He says when his "brand X" runs out he will certainly order from me again. Thanks for helping to give me satisfied customers with your wonderful products!

    M.B. in Washington 9/9/2007
  • My husband was a sweetie and ordered several samples of Fragrance Oils and some molds from your company that he surprised me with at lunch today. This was our first order from Brambleberry and we are very pleased with everything! He also got me the Chocolate Orange flavor oil and it is fantastic! Very sophisticated. I just wanted to say thank you for such great service and products.

    A.G. in Louisiana 9/9/2007