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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

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  • .... I don't think I ever got around to telling you so after my last order, but, I was very impressed by your products and your EXCELLENT packing much better than alot of others I have dealt with!! It was a pleasure doing business with you!

    T.T. in Ohio 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to tell you that I recieved my package today and was extremely impressed. the herbal essence F.O. smelled exactly like the pink shampoo of the same name, the peach was tart and juicy - exactly what I was looking for and unlike so many that smell more like a cheap koolaid than anything else and oh boy - the violet - I can see why people rave about it. it brought me back to my childhood obsession with that violet soap gum. I was also impressed with the chocolate orange truffle flavoring and can't wait to try it out in a batch of lipbalm. I can definately see why so many remain loyal to brambleberry. the products are outstanding and the customer service is fantastic. thank you very much for a thoroughly enjoyable shopping experience. you will definately be recieving more business from me in the near future.

    J.T. in Canada 9/9/2007
  • I just wanted to send a note of thanks for making such a wonderful lotion kit. I have been intimidated by the thought of making lotion and decided to give it a whirl. The instructions were very easy to follow and, once I stopped running around the house in joy, I was able to convert the recipe into a larger batch. I can't wait to try other ingredients in this recipes. Now all you need to do is make a shower gel kit...

    C.S. in PA 9/7/2007
  • I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the products that I ordered. I am new to the soaping business (like many of your other customers). I found that the m&p soaps to be very easy to work with and are great fun to make small samples. I used your suggestion of using an ice tray. I found that the plastic ones work the best. The business is taking off and I owe it to you and your crews that process your orders. Before I get to rambling too much I do want to say that your FO's are out standing and the EO's are the finest I have tried. Thank you again for the fine quality of your products.

    A.A in IN 9/7/2007
  • Oh I just thought I'd take a moment and tell you how pleased I am with my new thermometer. I now can make more then one batch of soap at a time with being concerned with washing out my other ones, and it's much bigger. Hard to lose in the draws. Never needs cleaning (well not yet anywhere) and much cleaner to use. I'm just thrilled, best investment yet.

    S.W. in MA 9/7/2007
  • Thank you so much! I must tell you that I've also received a response from Norman stating [how my order] will be processed so, this leads me to say what I've been thinking ever since I discovered your company and website. I am so impressed with how everything is handled; you are one of the best that I've dealt with and I love your products. The quality of your products is excellent and I am always treated so courteously and professionally. Thank you so much for all you do. I very much appreciate it.

    L.M. in FL 9/7/2007
  • I want to thank everyone at Bramble Berry for running such a fantastic business. I've recently had an awful experience with one of our suppliers, and I was reminded that not everyone runs a classy operation. You guys are so fast to ship my orders, update me if there's a problem and answer any questions I have politely and thoroughly, without treating me like a moron. You have a customer for life in me.

    W.L. in CA 9/7/2007
  • I have been planning a business venture for quite some time involving natural beauty products. Homemade products have been a hobby (and money saver!) for me for years. I have searched far and wide to find a supplier that would be able to meet all of my needs when I am ready to make that next step, and Bramble Berry has been the only supplier I have been able to find which will meet all of my needs. Not only do you have a dizzying selection of every thing needed, but you provide descriptions which ease the whole shop-by-order less of a headache. I will be bringing a fair chunk of my initial investment to Bramble Berry when the time comes, but how I wish there was a Canadian version!

    C.B. in Canada 9/7/2007
  • The Grass Stain scent made a HUGE hit and will now be part of my permanent stock as will Morroccan Fig. Thanks so much for your insight & innovation! Now, if I could just get my labels to look as great as yours!

    S.M. 9/7/2007
  • I am so satisfied with your products! I just started soap making and your web site make it easy to learn. I recieved my first order a month back and have already had to reorder twice since. I won't buy my soap bases anywhere else. I felt very special with a hand written note inside the box! What a wonderful surprise!

    R.M. 9/7/2007
  • I forgot to tell you how much I love your stuff. I took a lotion making class and have made lots of lotion, lip balm and lotion bar. I love it all. My skin is doing the best it has since I was a teenager. Thank you for being here in Bham so I can get anything I want whenever I want. I want to take all of your classes and am watching for more classes.

    R.N. 9/7/2007
  • First I must tell you how great I think your products are!!! I found you after taking a soap making class and seeing your mold used, I figured how easy. So I had to order one, then to get a sample with the order that was great. I love your EO/FO, think they are the best. Have recommended you to all my friends...

    S.V. 9/7/2007
  • First of all - I received my package today from you. I am so thrilled and pleased with my order I can't even explain! You have a long time customer with me! ..... THANK YOU!!!

    K.S. 9/7/2007
  • Hello I just placed my first order with you and received it yesterday and just wanted to tell you I was very pleased with every thing ,and hope to do business with you for a long time thanks again.

    B.V. 9/7/2007
  • I have just recieved my order. The lavender smells wonderful and I am anxious to use it. Also, thank you so much for the pound of foaming bath butter and the sample bottle of fragrance oil.

    L.J. 9/7/2007
  • I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you break your products down on a per ounce basis. I certainly makes my inventory easier to calculate. You are the only one of my vendors that do it.

    L.O. 9/7/2007
  • Hello. I just have to say that I think your site is wonderful. I dabbled in soap making years ago, dropping it to the weigh side after Christmas, but my husband has gotten me interested once again. I would love, one of these days, to make and sell my own. Thank you and again, your site is truly helpful.

    J. 9/7/2007
  • I just want to thank you for shipping my order so promptly. I received it on Friday. You folks at Brambleberry are awesome!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!

    M.S. 9/7/2007
  • Thank you for such great service! I realize that I live in Oregon, so we are close, but to get "next day" service without paying extra for it is outstanding. Add to that the quality of your products, and I can't say enough good things about Bramble Berry.

    L.B. in Oregon 9/7/2007
  • Wanted to let you know about Valentine's Day sales. Used Tuberose Moss in my heart-shaped soaps w/matching soap dishes and they sold out! Everyone went wild over the scent.

    The younger buying audience loved the Chocolate Coconut edible perfume and one older customer who bought it for herself (and hubby), jokingly asked for the small roll-on bottle in a bag (she didn't want others to "know" what she was buying/doing). We advertised the edible perfume as "great for neck nibbling" and it got a lot of attention.

    Took a recipe & used your Tea Tree Oil and most excellent once-distilled Peppermint Oil and produced a great dog shampoo & bath bar -- everyone loved the scent and it lathers up beautifully - so even dogs got in the action this Valentine's. Looking forward to continuing to be a "sold" customer of yours!

    C.H. in Connecticut 9/7/2007
  • I have just ordered some stuff from your site to ship to Kuwait through Aramex (USA). I have got the package... and it was amazing! Thank you for truly great products.... cant wait for the next time to purchase from you.

    S.R. in Kuwait 9/7/2007
  • I recieved my first order today I just wanted to thank you for the fast and excellent shipment. That is wonderful. I also love the oil sample too. Thank you.

    C.G. 9/7/2007
  • We had our store soft opening with your Arabian Spice scent in our CP soap (we called it Warm Chai) being the star flavor! Our first 20# batch is going to go fast, thought I better order more fragrance. I have also made a lucsious lotion with it too....smells good enough to eat!

    K.H. in Oregon 9/7/2007
  • I just want to say "Thank You" for such great service! This was the first time I ordered from you all and I will again!!I love the free sample- Ginger Orange scent! It's nice to see some suppliers will do free samples for their customers. It does help with the sales! I got my order in great shape and love the merchandise! I will be getting back with you to oder more of the brown soap boxes! Thanks again!!

    B.R. 9/7/2007
  • I just received my first order from you and just had to comment on how impressed I was with your company. The order came earlier than expected and shipping was less than you originally quoted! What a deal! The personal thank you hand written on the corner of the box was charming and unexpected in todays world of thankless customer service. Everything arrived in perfect condition and if that wasn't enough, I found a free sample of fragrance oil as well! You can be sure that I will be ordering from you again and I will definitely recommend you to fellow soap crafters in my area!

    K.M. in Missouri 9/7/2007