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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

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  • thank you once again for such a fantastic order, your service from start to finish and the speedy time in which this order arrived again- 3 days from usa to england- fantastic!!

    J.S., England 9/6/2007
  • Just wanted you to know how superior your products are ,in comparison,to all other companies.I just started making soap and did not know one company from another.I decided to order a little bit from the major suppliers.You provide the best quality at the best prices

    B.R., in PA 9/6/2007
  • I want to thank everyone there at Bramble Berry. I only recently found your company on the web, and was impressed with many of your prices and emphasis on customer service. After waiting for close to 2 weeks for my last shipment to arrive from "some other soap company" I decided to give you guys a try when I realized it was time to order more shea butter. And WOW! I had my package sitting inside my front door less than 48 hours after I placed my order. AND with a coupon to get a discount on my next order! I will definitely be back to order with Bramble Berry as often as possible.

    Lauren, in OR 9/6/2007
  • Thank YOU! I appreciate you very much too. I'm having a ball with your melt and pour soaps and can hardly wait to try my hand at cold process soaps. GREAT fun!

    C.O. 9/6/2007
  • Wow, fast shipping and fabulous gift! Thank you so much. I Will tell others about your great service and excellent products.

    B.B. 9/6/2007
  • I thought perhaps you might like to read the very first review of your most excellent on-line store, published at I was so impressed with your product line that I asked one of the Category Leads, (like a manager), for On-Line Stores to add Bramble Berry so I could have the pleasure of writing a few lines about my experiences. I've gone to 6 or 7 different sites, tried a lot of soaps, molds and scents and dyes in the last busy month of my new-borne soapcrafting hobby.

    Here's a link to the review if you'd care to read it/share it around:

    Please keep up the excellent customer service, quick and careful delivery and those fabulous, high quality fragrances. You are the cream of the crop, or in just one word? Scentsational!

    C.S. in CA 9/6/2007
  • just wanted to let you know my moulds arrived within three days here to the united kingdom! thank you for the fantastic service given, we,ll be ordering again within the next few weeks.

    J.S. in United Kingdon 9/6/2007
  • I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the new scents I bought, and the samples you gave me from your store. Thanks to you I'll be trying some scent combinations I may not have thought of otherwise. I made some gingered peach soap bars w/the peach sample fragrance, a sachet w/Beach Breezes, and am looking forward to creating some tropical blends w/the lime fragrance sample. Thanks again for your great service! I'll be needing candle wax within the next month, so am hoping you'll have plenty of wax for molding freestanding tapers (non-container base).

    G.W. in WA 9/6/2007
  • i just wanted to drop a short little note to let you know that ive ordered from MANY stores online such as yours and i have never been more satisfied. from the thank you personally written in side the box to the very fast shipment of my items. i give you an A +++++. im forever your customer. youve succeded in impressing my husband and belive me thats not easy... you hooked him with your cherry almond fragrance!! thank you again for the excellent service!!

    J.S. 9/6/2007
  • I have dealt with many suppliers, sniffed many fo's and yours are by far the best. All my customers agree too. Lilac really smells like lilac bushes, apricot freesia is easily one of my best sellers and cucumber melon is a spring time delight. Your customer service is top notch as well. If I ever had a problem (and that was few and far between) you guys made it right immediately. Thank you for creating a wonderful company, if I lived near by I'd want a job!

    C.K. in PA 9/6/2007
  • I just had to drop a line and tell you how much I loved making the Holiday Cheer soaps. What a great kit. I also ordered the burgandy and gold bags to package them in. I made these for teacher gifts. Everyone loved them and they were amazed that I made them, lol. I kept one gingerbread man for me and I love the way it scents my kitchen. The kit was perfect, and easy to make. Thanks for making such a wonderful kit.

    J.K. 9/6/2007
  • I just wanted to let you know how much I love your website. I am brand new to soap making and thanks to you and all your tips I made my first batch of soap and so far it looks lovely....Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, your website is fun and educational. I want to quit my job so I can make soap all day. It is so much fun.

    D.S. 9/6/2007
  • I wanted to follow up with you and thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy day to give me this information. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I am very impressed with your knowledge and "hands-on" style with your customer base. I know from working at HP on deals with very large customers such as Lockheed, Intel, and Applied Materials that customer relationships are key. So far Bramble Berry has been a wonderful supplier.

    D.M. 9/6/2007
  • My daughter is coming home from the military for a visit and asked me to teach her to make some toiletries. She wanted to know what supplies we would need that she could get and where she should purchase them. I gave her a couple of resources and added that "...I really like Brambleberry because they are quick, polite, and always toss in a free sample." The box she ordered from you just arrived at my home.

    It made me realize I have told many people that, even when the quality of a product might be equal to a different supplier, I prefer you because of your speed, attitude, and you toss that fun treat in every box. So, in case you ever wondered, people do notice and it is getting you business you might not otherwise have received. I appreciate the way you do business and decided to just take a moment and let you know. Thanks.

    S.T. 9/6/2007
  • Today I received my first order from Bramble Berry and I join all your other customers beautiful emails praising your service. As I opened my box and saw everything in perfect order, with your special Thanks written on the box and to my surprise you sent me a sample of Relaxing fragrance (by the way, fabulous) and to my big surprise a Feliz Navidad fragrance, mil gracias por este bello presente,this was the best surpise of all. Right now I´m already ordering more from you fabulous company. I have learned something very valuable today, your fantastic service to your customers which I intend to follow and give to my future clients. Un millón de gracias...

    J.R. 9/6/2007
  • Your beeswax lotion is the only lotion that has helped my really, really dry elbows. I am so very pleased with the results. My skin is exceptionally rough and dry on these areas and nothing I'd used had worked up until your beeswax lotion. Many thanks for a superb product. Incidently, your Ancient Sedona is a beautiful fragrance, along with your Frankincense and Ginger. I'm in love all over again. Have a beautiful day and wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!

    D.J. 9/6/2007
  • Just wanted to say thank you for your fast and friendly customer service and reasonable prices. Keep up the good work!

    J.W. 9/6/2007
  • I received my order today. This is my first order and I am very pleased with the expedient delivery and the products I've purchased. There is a Thank You on the box and on the invoice. But I want to thank you for offering such a great selection including the sampler products! I look forward to ordering from Bramble Berry again.

    R.L. 9/6/2007
  • I am having a great soap selling season using your fragrances! I can't keep your Bay Rum, Plumeria, Oatmeal, Milk and Honey, and Lavender (to name a few!) in stock! They fly out the door! People have been ordering 10 bars of each one! They love 'em! I have re-named your Feliz Navidad to Apple Pie. I did a soap that looks like an Apple Pie (white vanilla slices for the "apples") in the carmelly brown of the Feliz Navidad with a darker top layer with your copper mica in glycerin swirled on top. That is a hit too! Thanks for providing great fragrances! anonymous 9/6/2007
  • Just wanted to say that the Nag Champa Oil and the Neroli Oil are SUPERB! Those 2 are in my top 5 scents now.

    D.S. 9/6/2007
  • Just wanted to thank you for your prompt attention to my problem and it's solution. It is rare these days to find anyone that understands the concept of *customer service*. I hope that your holidays, whatever they may be, are everything you wish for and that 2007 is the best year ever for you and your family.

    L.K. 9/6/2007
  • Thank you so much for my order, which arrived intact. you are very prompt and i like the thank you on the inside of the box. can't wait to use the colors that i just received, thank you again for this wonderful site. the best i've found so far. also from my own home state. I do miss washington.

    L.C. 9/6/2007
  • Thank you! Though I have to use a few different distributors to meet all my needs, Bramble Berry continuously wins my "Favorite Distributor" award with it's kind employees, their willingness to help and the unbeatable fast service. One other company in particular charges a $2.50 handling fee, plus shipping, plus 2 levels of rush fees if you want them to get it shipped out the same or next day! It's awful. I've never had to pay extra fees at Bramble Berry and my orders are always shipped out by the next business day. So thank you very much!

    C.M. 9/6/2007
  • Each year that I am able to continue to grow my little business it is due in part to Bramble Berry, your customer service, wonderful information and great products. Thank you and Blessings to you ...your friend in San Diego.

    M.I. 9/6/2007
  • I just received my first order, and I'm very impressed with the speed of delivery, careful packaging, unique products and the nice surprise of a free sample of fragrance oil. Thank you so much -- I will definitely be ordering again. Your attention to the little details (like writing "thank you" on the inside of the box) are appreciated :) Glad to have found a great local business to order from.

    L.K. 9/6/2007