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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Write to us here.

  • "I've got to say the connection for delivery from Bellingham to Moscow is AWESOME! Thanks! I'm waiting to make some Cucumber Melon Lip Balm going to a customer in Tanzania, East Africa. She comes "home" for a few weeks this time of the year to get her teeth cleaned, annual exam, and to order soaps, lotion and lip balm from me that she takes back to TZ with her. Couldn't do it without the products and service from Bramble Berry! Thanks again, Courtney!"

    Karen 4/1/2009
  • "Thanks so much for quick shipment of my order! The essential oils were just what I needed, and I cant stop sniffing the Rise and Shine FO! Happiness and light indeed!"

    Rebecca 3/13/2009
  • My order did arrive today and I truly appreciated the great service I received from Brambleberry. I can't wait to try out my thank you for the order sample of Matcha Tea.

    Thanks A Lot Brambleberry, I look forward to ordering from you in the future.

    Tangela 3/4/2009
  • "I just have to say that I love doing business with BB the most out of ALL the companies that I have done business with. Thank you for getting my order out the door already today!"

    Jennette 2/27/2009
  • "It was delivered in the late aft, yay for BB! You guys are so fast and helpful. The supplies are just wonderful, too. (I'm so in love with Cybilla's Musk. I think it has a slight cucumber note to it.) Some day I'm gonna head west and visit the store, that's my dream.Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Thanks, Michelle!"

    Cynthia 2/27/2009
  • "Just received my latest order and wanted to let everyone know how happy I am, once again! So excited that cinnamon sugar has gone permanent,and the new pomegranate."

    Kathy 2/23/2009
  • "Thanks for sending my order so quickly!!!! You guys are great as usual. Very satisfied customer!"

    Lynn 2/20/2009
  • "Dear Bramble Berry!

    Thank you for your prompt answer. I actually discovered the Cybilla Almond on my own last night and placed an order.

    I am new to soap making and have lots to learn. I have been ordering from your company for a few months now and I am so impressed. Your website is informative and professional, customer service is wonderful, packaging/shipping are consistently dependable and your newsletter is a wealth of valuable advice. I imagine all of you at B.B. are very blessed to have such a great company to work for. Keep up the good work and the terrific service!!

    Thank you again"

    Michaux 2/20/2009
  • "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciate your wonderful customer service. I had an order question I phoned into you all over the holidays. I didn't really expect an answer for some time, being a week-end and a holiday...but if memory serves me correctly, someone from your company called me the very next day. AND...when I did receive my order there was an awesome carrot cake flavor sample in the box.; I would never in a million years have ordered this flavor...BUT my entire family just LOVE it. Thank you so much for that wonderful surprise!!!!! I will be placing another order REALLY soon."

    Aimee 2/20/2009
  • "This is a good time to tell you how much I like your soaping products. You offer some fine quality items not easy to find on other sites.

    Thank you for your great service"

    Yvonne 2/20/2009
  • "I just got my order! A day early. The sample of pomegranate and black currant is wonderful! Thanks so much for great service!"

    Judith 2/19/2009
  • "First I have to tell you that you have absolutely the finest essential oils and fragrance oils I've had the pleasure to work with.

    I made a simple shower malt using your patchouli as a fixative, vit. e, rosemary oeloresin, silk and true vanilla. I age my own beans and use your vanilla as part of the extract for added scent , used it in a reconstitued goats milk paste and it was a grand slam. The same with your Nag Champa. I then made a matching body oil using either coconut oil or jojoba and perfume is completely unnecessary. I am stopped by people who want to know what I'm wearing. They cannot smell it like on would a perfume as the body heats up the scent and softly releases it. I just sold 100.00 worth. I can use less of your scents which means my shower malt keeps it thickness. I think a malt glass container with a pump for the straw would be a great container. What I make I use myself and my family to include inlaws, one who sells a different soap uses mine exclusively and I believe it to be the fact that your scents make the soap, the perfume, and the body oil."

    Evie 2/19/2009
  • "This message is for Adrienne...who is by far, the best as far as customer service and taking care of her customers! About a week ago there was a small snafu with some packaging(it was not brambleberry's fault, by the way). I became alarmed, and Adrienne called me up and made it right...she was so calm, and so understanding, and sent out a replacement package right away, and has kept in constant contact to make sure everything turned out okay.

    I couldn't be more happy with Adrienne and Brambleberry. Thank you so much!"

    D.C. 2/19/2009
  • "I have recently experimented with fragrance oils from other companies, and I have been LESS than satisfied (forget impressed)! I have NEVER been dissatisfied with any product I have purchased from you! Thank you sooooooo much!

    I would also like to let you know that I recently purchased your Vanilla Select FO and your Island Coconut FO to fulfill a custom order for body butter. You sent me a sample of your Tahitian Vanilla FO along with it. I incorporated a small amount of the Tahitian Vanilla in with my formulation. My client LOVED it. She said that the scent I formulated was even better than the one she used to purchase from a BIG company!

    I will gladly repeat.....your products totally rock and more than live up to expectations! I am extremely happy that you are one of the first companies I found for supplies! I know a lot of people who would be very unhappy with me right now if I had not stumbled across your site!"

    Pami 2/19/2009
  • "I am about to gush... I have been so inspired by you and all of the amazing work that you do! I just love everything that I get from Bramble Berry and your customer service people are unbelievale! You have such a fantastic company! It's sooo inspiring (there's that word again!)

    BTW, I have a group of girlfriends here in Vermont who are addicted (really!) to your Wasabi FO. I call it Spicy Wasabi and I use it in foaming hand wash and shower butter as well as M&P and body lotion. I swear, they call me saying that they "need some more right away!" It's so great (and also slightly creepy~) I love it, too!!"

    H..T. 2/19/2009
  • "I am so happy ith all the information available on your site! I have made such wonderful things and am now introducing my family to the joys of making our own bath products!! Keeping the traditions alive is such an important part of my family, it is great that you are aiding in that!!"

    R.F. 2/19/2009
  • "I just wanted to let you know that your Wasabi FO has an amazing scent throw in both the parasoy and straight paraffin candle waxes I have tested! When I get ready to place orders for my "summer" scents (herbal, green, fresh, etc.) I will certainly be adding your Wasabi to my list of Must-haves!

    Your "Cold Process-Low Sweat" Melt and Pour soap base (opaque) is getting rave reviews from all of my testers. It is creamy and dreamy and lathers instantly. The most repeated comment I keep getting back from people is that it does not leave their skin with that tight, dry feeling a lot of bar soaps can cause. They are loving this soap!(And it has held my icy peppermint fragrance for 5 weeks with no discoloration!)

    Keep up the good work!"

    Meagan 2/19/2009
  • "You've just made a customer for life. I've spent the past dozen years trying several different suppliers and I've NEVER had a supplier give me such great service.

    1. Your packaging is superb.
    2. Your bottles are wonderful, the glass makes a world of difference.
    3. Your scents are true to form and priced right.
    4. Free sample! (really, what's that? Never seen a free sample before.)
    5. Very fast shipping. That's a bonus!

    I'll be coming back for more. I'm a successful blogger and will be advertising for you and your products out of sheer gratitude."

    Kathleen 2/19/2009
  • "I have tried fragrance oils from other vendors that were less expensive, but none compare to your scents. I actually use less product. Keep up the good work"

    G.L. 2/19/2009
  • "I am so happy with all the information available on your site! I have made such wonderful things and am now introducing my family to the joys of making our own bath products! Keeping g the traditions alive is such an important part of my family. It is great that you are aiding in that."

    R.F. 2/19/2009
  • "I want to say "thank you so much" for your fantastic website and products. Rest assured that it has made another accict! Thank you for all of the wonderful information and tips on your site and kudos to whomever writes the descriptions for the EO's and FO's. It makes me want to try them all."

    A.H. 2/19/2009
  • "Ya'll are terrible! You sent me the sample of Kumquat and I loved it and must really have it!!! Thank you for the wonderful sample and the Cucumber Melon I ordered recently. It is out of this world!! You really do make the best fragrance oils in the business."

    K.A. 2/19/2009
  • "I love your Pineapple Cilantro Fragrance and beyond that, I love your customer service. Few businesses realize that whatever they sell, they are always, first and foremost, selling service. If they don't provide superlative service, the customers will go elsewhere. Bramble Berry is tops! Thank you!"

    J 2/19/2009
  • "First off, thank you for all the wonderful fragrance oils! I haven't bought a stinker from BB yet, and I have a very demanding nose :) Also, I LOVE your M&P bases, especially the "like-CP" formulas. They unmold like a charm, lather like a champ, sweat less than other M&Ps, and do NOT contain SLS. Last but not least, I've never seen a company so obsessed with customer service. I'm a hobbyist, so I don't order that often, but I really appreciate being able to shop at Bramble Berry and know that I'll get great products, packaged securely, with customer service to back it all up. Many thanks!!!"

    K.D. 2/19/2009
  • "Thank you, Anne-Marie, for your encouragement! You have been a tremendous inspiration to me: I would not have started my own hobby business and would not be having all this fun if it weren't for all the information that you have made available on the Bramble Berry sites and your wonderful staff who have graciously answered all my questions in a timely fashion!"

    J.C. 2/19/2009