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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Write to us here.

  • Thank you for always being so fast with shipping, and for your wonderful customer service! I always look forward to seeing what kind of surprise sample is hiding in my package. - Loki

    Loki 5/11/2010
  • Hi,

    I made my first batch of conditioner yesterday from your "favorite conditioner recipe."  Oh my goodness, I am NEVER buying conditioner from a store again!!!  I added a little shea butter and aloe to my recipe, because my hair is really curly and is always very dry.  Not anymore!  WOW!  It feels like silk.  I also made a leave in spray conditioner by using a 1:5 dilution with distilled water.  LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!  Seriously, I am never buying conditioner again.  Product junkie no more.

    Now if I can just figure out the shampoo.  Back to the lab.

    Thank you for the good stuff,


    Tracy 5/2/2010
  • Thank you so much for the fragrance samples you send. It keeps me coming back to your shop for my supplies! I REALLY appreciate it!

    Terri 5/1/2010
  • I just have to tell you that I amabsolutely impressed with the quality of your fragrance oils.I ordered 7 different oils and each and every one of them smelled heavenly.I think you've just increased my sales by about 50 percent.Oh,not to mention you also have the fastest shipping I've ever recieved.Brambleberry,you have earned another LOYAL customer.Thank you so much,please dont change. Nicole

    Nicole 4/30/2010
  • youre awesome!

    Tiffanie 4/30/2010
  • Your products are the best and you guys are the best!

    Rosemarie 4/28/2010
  • Thank you! Business is booming, thanks in large part to your fantastic products :)

    Hayley 4/26/2010
  • I had no idea when I first became a customer of BB that I had also found a veritable fount of business, technology and personal information that would be so helpful both personally and in business.  Thank you sincerely for being so willing to invest yourself  to make the journey as beneficial as possible for so many others - it is greatly appreciated.  Through your efforts I have learned and been exposed to information and insights that I would have otherwise missed!

    Holly 4/24/2010
  • Thanks for being an awesome supplier!

    Kristin 4/23/2010
  • Thank you so much guys for all you do to help make me a better soaper!

    Rosemarie 4/18/2010
  • Thank you for such great products and service!

    Debbie 4/16/2010
  • I have been making soaps like cp,hp,melt & pour and cosmetics for the past 8 years. Now I have my own website and I have sold products to co-workers and more. I have been a brambleberry customer for those same years and let me tell you I have been satisfied with there products for so long. Brambleberry fix oils and fragrances are wonderful to make your soap with and they come out so beautiful and smell heavenly. I have been to so many websites and I am very happy here. My business is great and I am a happy soap nut. Thank you brambleberry so much for your products and great customer service.

    Valerie 4/15/2010
  • Love your company!

    Robin 4/15/2010
  • Oh dear Bramble Berry.

    I received your new bath bomb molds and 3 La Bomb colorants on Monday. I made a selection of 8 bombs straight away, they came out great! This morning I took them to show my favorite retailer (it pays to keep advocate customers happy), she loved them so much she not only bought all my samples she ordered a dozen of all 8!!
    So, thanks Bramble Berry, looks like I won't be having much down time for a while;)


    Jackie 4/14/2010
  • Well, your site is very helpful.  I have been making soap for 5 years and I now retail it in my hair salon.  I love all the many different designs and ideas.  

    Sheila 4/13/2010
  • To whom it may concern,
       Just a short note to say Thank you..I am a cancer survivor, and run a charity for other cancer patients. I made soaps, perfumes, lip balms, bath salts etc on the last showing. I have to tell you the patients loved the items, and it truly brought a smile to their faces while going through such a hard time. I love Brambleberry and all the tutorials..Thank you very much

    Mary 4/12/2010
  • Thank you for sending the sample of Neroli with my last order. I love it!

    Shelli 4/11/2010

    Christina 4/11/2010
  • THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH Brambleberry!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sandi 4/8/2010

    Sandra 4/7/2010
  • I tried your organic body butter for the 1st time and it is amazing! It is not greasy and very moisturizing. I added some other ingredients to make it my own and it's absolutely wonderful!

    Keep up the good work!


    Christina 4/7/2010
  • I just received my pigments and have already used the pink and green oxides. They have performed even better than expected! I think I've found my new favorite soap supplier. Keep up the great work. Thanks again!

    Sarah 4/6/2010
  • ...Love the Brambleberry soap bases better than anything I've worked with and my customers love it!

    Kathy 4/5/2010
  • Hello, The order that I placed was delivered so fast. Thanks so much!!! Can't wait to get started.

    Mechelle 4/2/2010
  • Thank you so much for your service! My order was fulfilled and arrived with lightning speed! The hardest part about ordering on the internet is "waiting for the package to arrive"! Apparently, Bramble Berry and Anne Marie know this feeling too. I was so excited when my package showed up earlier than xpected.You have made my experience a real pleasure and I have already started my new project! YAY! 

    Donna 4/2/2010