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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

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  • Hi guys, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for both of my orders. I am truly glad I discovered your Company. The shipping was super fast and the packaging AMAZING. All the products are so awsome. I litterly sit by the door and wait for the order to come in. I loved the mango sample you guys sent me and the fact that you read my comment and were so nice to fullfill it so nicely!!! Thanks alot guys you all rock!!!

    Anna 8/2/2011
  • Thanks so much, you are the fastest delivering company in the world!! I can always depend on you!! What a blessing to have you right up North from me. Thank you again Bramble Berry.

    Vicki 7/29/2011
  • This company as a whole, its dedication and customer service, are hands down, the best I've ever worked with.

    Maveric 7/26/2011
  • Thank you so much. As always Bramble Berry's customer service saves the day! I greatly appreciate the time you take to thoughtfully reply to my many questions. It's not just your products and tutorials but your personal touch that have made me a kayak customer. Keep up the great work!

    Sara 7/23/2011
  • I just wanted to take a minute to say "Thank You". I've been ordering from Bramble Berry for a couple of years now and every time I receive my order, it is just awesome. Everything is packaged so nicely and it arrives so quickly. Your website is a place for inspiration and if possible, I'd just say "give me one of everything".  

    I teach soap making classes on our farm and when asked where to find soap making supplies, I always say "my favorite place is Bramble Berry!"

    Thank you again. It is a pleasure to do business with you!

    Karen 7/20/2011
  • I just have to tell you how much I appreciate Bramble Berry and everyone that helps it be all the wonderfulness that it is! I began making M&P soaps almost 3 years ago. I quickly learned of your company from a friend and have been hooked on your products ever since. My hubby and I had 3 daughters, and in Nov. 2009 we began the adoption process. I used my M&P soaps to help pad our adoption savings account. I think over 16 months I sold about $2500 worth! We adopted our sweet baby (girl #4!!) in April of this year. Two weeks later a tornado damaged our home (thankfully we were not there at the time!). The hardest thing about that time was being out of our home for 7 weeks while repairs were done. The second hardest was not being able to soap my stress away! I was so glad to be back home by June 1st, and I was especially glad when I was finally back in my kitchen creating fun and pretty soaps. Such a relaxing thing for me to do! Anyway, just wanted to express to you that Bramble Berry has greatly enhanced my soaping experience and for that I am thankful!

    Cheryl 7/14/2011
  • Anne-Marie, I just want to thank you for such a wonderful job your doing with your site, info, recipes, your helpful comments on all the above!! I surf and surf for information that i need, and i always find my answers here! Truly, I thank you!

    Robin 7/12/2011
  • I just wanted to let you know that love your products! The quality of your fragrance oils is fabulous. 

    Marilyn 7/7/2011

    I just wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing for the soaping world. You have given me so many tools that I think that I can actually give turning my new hobby into a business. From your great products to all the extras, you have made a real place for people to go to learn, share and grow. I have found a real passion and a place to help me make it grow and become better.


    Patty 7/6/2011
  • The fact that BB is so communicative with its client base is absolutely why it's such a successful biz. A lot of folks don't sustain this once their biz reaches a certain critical mass. As someone who has both run an online biz and consulted for many many others... I can say confidently that BB is a rarity. Hat tip to you and the team :)

    Karri 7/1/2011
  • I just wanted to say thank you. It took me forever to decide what to order and wow! I now have a new favorite supplier due to wonderful packaging and beautiful, high quality products. It was definitely worth the little bit of extra spending on my part to have a package that was such a pleasure to open. Thank you, thank you!

    April 6/21/2011
  • Thanks for the wonderful recipes and the beautiful pictures! I love how you share! I really mean it.

    Mary 6/21/2011
  • Hi! I just wanted to say that I received my order and am pleased with it (the soaps are awesome, as always) and to say thanks for the fragrance sample that was in the box too. Thank you for providing such affordable, nice soaps :)

    Jessica 6/17/2011
  • Firstly, I want to say that I was so happy with my order.  You guys package your items so well - can really tell you care about your customers and products alike!  And the free sample was so appreciated.  Love it!  Thank you, thank you!

    Rachel 6/9/2011
  • Elizabeth! You are AMAZING!! Thank you so much, this has been my first order with your company and I can tell you that I will only do business with you in the future. Wonderful customer service! Have a GREAT day!

    Jennifer 6/9/2011
  • I am just writing because I am so glad that i found your company! I use beeswax for making medium for encaustix art (painting with molten wax). I had been having trouble with my previous supplier, so finding a company that ships fast and seems to care about customer service is refreshing. I rweally like it that the waxcomesin five-pound bags because my "recipe" calls for ten pounds. This way I don't have to weigh it!  Best wishes to you.

    Fanne 6/1/2011
  • Thanks for providing such great products to us. I just got an order for 2 loaves of [my soap made with] White Magnolia so [my customer] can put a bar in each room of their house just to smell it. I love your EOs and FOs!

    Mary 5/29/2011
  • Just received my order. All I can say is "wonderful". The sample fragrance oils smell absolutely wonderful. I smelled each individual one. I put them back in the shipping box temporarily and left the box open. Each time I enter the room where the box is, I can immediately smell the beautiful fragrance. I have not opened the sample soaps yet, but i feel certain I will not be disappointed. Getting ready to order the lotions. Trying to start a small business.

    Denise 5/19/2011
  • Just want  to say thank you for my order, everything was just wonderful and beautifuly packaged.

    Carol 5/19/2011
  • I love this site. It has given me everything for my dream to come true! I just had my second Saturday selling at the local farmer's market and I love the fact that people love my product. I couldn't have made it happen without Bramble Berry. Thank You!

    Emily 5/16/2011
  • I received my order last Wednesday and was so pleased with the wonderful fragrance oils. Beautiful scents! I have yet to order something I did not like from Bramble Berry, a very BIG THANK YOU!!!

    Elizabeth 5/16/2011
  • I just wanted to let you know that I received my package in the mail yesterday. I'm absolutely delighted! Everything was packaged very professionally and securely. I can't wait to begin making soaps and lip balms!  Thank you for the shipment and also for the free gift :)

    Michelle 5/16/2011
  • I love Bramble Berry, and have been using you for years. This time I am making my wedding favors! Thank you so much.

    Katherine 5/12/2011
  • Thank you so much! I love that I got my order yesterday! So quick!!!! You guys are amazing! I appreciate the easy accessibility to fun soap making products!

    Jennifer 5/12/2011
  • I received my 7 Fragrance Oils and crinkle cutter from you today. They are such amazing quality. I am able to tell how much time and care went into bottling, packing, labeling etc. I am a semi new CP soaper & ordered 3 Fragrance Oils from another company to compare. I was embarrassed for them, and don't even know who they are. I will 110% be returning for many more items very soon. Thanks so so much for the quality of the items, and the super sample. I love samples I actually will use and especially your generous size Fragrance Oil. THANK YOU!!!

    Tara 5/9/2011