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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Write to us here.

  • I just received my first shipment from Bramble Berry....I LOVE YOUR COMPANY!  The whole process of ordering, the speed of service, your wonderful videos...I'm gushing and I rarely gush. Thank you for such a wonderful buying experience!

    Michael 4/25/2012
  • I just received my order from Bramble Berry and I am so excited to open it. I ordered the silicone molds, and I just opened the box, and I must say that I love them! They are high quality material and I will definitely be back to order more items. This is a great company and I'm extremely happy with my molds.

    Vickie 4/25/2012
  • Always like Christmas when you get a package from Bramble Berry!

    Barb 4/24/2012
  • I trust Bramble Berry, as you are my “First Love” in the Supplier chain.

    Becky 4/19/2012
  • Tina, I wanted to tell you that my soap arrived along with the DPG! I was surprised to find it in the box since I really didn't feel that it was "owed" to me. I have to say though, it was great customer service!

    I also wanted to tell you that I had placed an order with a company in my home state the same time that I placed one with Bramble Berry. I found it interesting that I received the BB package before I received theirs. In fact, I received the replacement package from BB the same day that theirs arrived. In fact, I called them to inquire about the delay, and spoke to a rather curt woman on the phone who informed me that they were behind (due to a sale) and that it said so on their web site! I informed her that I had seen that, but it said 6 days, and I called because it had been 11 and my box from across the country was already here. Although I didn't get a comment about that, I was told that it would be mailed that day, and that I would get it the next, since I was so close. And I did. The point being though, that conversation left me upset because of her attitude and tone. It was NOT a Bramble Berry type of experience!

    While I have only made one other purchase their a year ago (and was upset by that one too), they have not endeared me to them, and I will not be ordering from them again. Furthermore, I will recommend that others steer away from them as well. On the other hand, I always recommend Bramble Berry! And now I appreciate you and your company, your kindness, and your attitude a lot more.

    Common courtesy is no longer common, and your great customer service is above and beyond common courtesy! Thank you again!

    Tammy 4/19/2012
  • Thanks! I love your website, and facebook page - so helpful with my trial and errors of soapmaking!

    Jen 4/17/2012
  • I received my order today with a surprise 12oz leftover Mango Mango. I was soooo thrilled. Now i can get some of this angry mob off of my back. Thank you for that and your always great customer service!!!

    Nadira 4/16/2012
  • I love the soap and free gift! I was so excited to get my order and will be back again! Have a wonderful day!

    Mary-Anne 4/11/2012
  • This order was certainly an adventure. I must compliment you for the way in which you not only admitted your short comings but also how you bent over backwards to keep in touch and straighten things out when problems were discovered. Thank you so much for sending it two day delivery. Everyone I have spoken to is not only polite (expected) but very sincere (bonus!) I'll pass on the positives. Thanks!

    Dennis 4/11/2012
  • Tina rocks! I placed an order on Saturday, decided that I needed more on Sunday so I placed another order. Today, I decided that I needed more, so I ordered again! Tina combined all my orders into one order, saving me a boatload on shipping. Customer service truly can make or break a company and A-M has hired the BEST of the BEST! Thank you so much Tina :) ♥ Bramble Berry!

    Anonymous 4/9/2012
  • Just another positive experience with your staff! I was recently visiting Bellingham and we decided to take a trip to Otion. We had a great time! Thanks to Kathryn for being so helpful! Of course your Brambleberry staff is great too. Tina has been amazing to work with! Thank you!

    Kathy 4/7/2012
  • I just thought I should let you know that your fragrance oils are simply unique and have made me a hit with my customers. My sales last month went through the roof!! Keep up the good work. I will be placing another order later in the day. Your service is also exceptional. Thumbs up

    Lola 3/21/2012
  • I received 3 of my Bramble Berry orders today and called customer service because for the very first time ever my free samples were missing. :( I got the pleasure of talking to Tina. WOW.... Not only was she kind and understanding about the missing samples she went the extra mile to look at some orders I placed last night and found a way for me to save quite a bit of money. She adjusted my new orders, gave me a few more extra samples in my new order and took the extra time to assure me that when ever I have a question to call and ask because BB is always there to help their customers. She has stayed on top of everything she promised to do in regards to my current order and followed up with a very nice email. I just wanted to give a shout out to Tina and BB, you gals are truly the best. You have a customer for life. Thank you for caring about your customers and taking care of any concerns or problems they may have. It's hard to find great customer service now a days, You guys shine in that department.

    Caron 3/16/2012
  • Just got a call from Courtney to personally apologize about the mix up with my order. This is just one more reason Bramble Berry is the best! I truly appreciate the call, no other company would take the time to do this! I can completly understand the break in period with new employees and I'm sure this sudden growth in business has put you into even more of a frenzy than usual. You have definitely created a customer for life.

    Christina 3/9/2012
  • I just found out about your blog...SWEET! I do love your products and thank you so much for the sample...greatly appreciated. And a BIG thank you to Tina for helping me out.

    Kim 2/12/2012
  • To Tina: You are an ANGEL!! =) Thank you for all your help this morning and answering all the same questions you must answer 100 times a day!! Wish all CS reps could be as patient, funny and lovely as you are! A-M you have an amazing team of people in your company, and it's obvious they enjoy what they do! I ♥ BB.

    Coreen 2/7/2012
  • Dear Bramble Berry employees (and A-M) As you know, there are several choices for us to make when it comes time to purchase items to make our products. Several companies have products that are good quality and several companies have good customer service. This does not make that company shine.

    What makes a company shine and stand out from their competition is when they take the steps beyond the quality and the good. Companies that take the time to interact, socialize, answer the most trivial question and explain the smallest problem. Companies that make their customers feel like an individual, a peer, important.

    So....I just wanted to say that each and everyone of you SHINE!

    Val 2/7/2012
  • I want you guys to know how wonderful your products are. Everything is always perfect! My wife and I have recently had an increase in demand for the soap that we make and you guys are always spot on! Thank you for being there for my wife and I and know that we will always be customers because of how great of products and service that you and your company provide for me and mine!

    Chris 1/31/2012
  • WOW! Got my order today and I thought I should let you know how much I appreciate the help I received with my order. The Raspberry N' Volet Fragrance Oil is as amazing as you said it would be, however, this is how I feel about my entire order all the time. Thank you for being such a great company to work with and your fragrance oils are the best! Have a great day!

    Heidi 1/25/2012
  • Dear BrambleBerry, I just wanted to let you know how much I have apprecaited working with your website customer service staff, particularly Kristin and Elizabeth. They are an excellent credit to your company and wonderful customer service representatives. As someone who is brand new to the world of homemade cosmetics and not always together, with-it, or in the know about what I should do or order or make - they both have been an invaluable resource towards working with me to solve my many problems. Particularly with my penchant for enthusiasm over knowledge. I have ordered from other comapnies with equally good products and customer service, but for affordability and time spent with customer service representatives, Bramble Berry cannot be beat. And because you make homemade cosmetics crafting affordable and have the kindest people working for you, Bramble Berry is first and last on my list of companies I want to work with towards achieving my crafting goals. Thank you so much for all of your help these past few months in helping me find a new hobby love!

    Gabrielle 1/17/2012
  • I think I have to save up some money and order a BIG package soon. I just LOVE your shop online, you should really have one that ships from Europe too :) I'm watching Soapqueen TV almost every day :) You have inspired me so much, even thinking that I one day can open my own soap store, one day. Best regards.

    Anne 1/10/2012
  • I just want to say THANK YOU for a wonderful order. Your prices are great, my citric acid was shipped wonderfully, and you even included a delicious sample fragrance oil that I will definitely be utilizing in my first foray into bath-fizzy making. I will most definitely be ordering from again, and am telling everyone I know that THIS is the place for soapy-goodness.Thank you so much!

    Chelsea 1/9/2012