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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Write to us here.

  • I just wanted to say that I absolutely love all of your products. You are by far, my favorite soap supplier! Thank you!

    Tanya 9/3/2012
  • Just want you all to know how I have enjoyed making my own room freshener! So easy, and so effective. There is no better confirmation of how well they work than to say I can't smell my teenage boys room. 

    Patty 9/3/2012
  • As always you go far and beyond for your customers. Keep up the wonderful job that you are doing by informing and letting your customers know about what is going on in the handmade industry. Thanks!

    Hilda 9/2/2012
  • I just wanted to thank you for my latest order. I really appreciate the sampple that you included. The Black Amber and Lavender Fragrance Oil is not one that I'd normally consider purchasing, but it smells wonderful and I will definitely be buying it in the future.

    Jennifer 9/1/2012
  • When I placed my last order I forgot to thank you for supporting our gathering,  Mid Atlantic Lights and Lather. The samples in our goodies bags were great! 

    Linda 9/1/2012
  • I love your fragrances and the way this company was built is an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs!

    Chris 9/1/2012
  • I received my most recent order just a few days ago and wanted to thank everyone there. It is always like Christmas when an order arrives!

    Gloria 8/31/2012
  • I am never disappointed with the product or services from Bramble Berry and I have become addicted to your company!


    Jennifer 8/31/2012
  • Thank you for your hardwork and dedication! We appreciate your work ethic and enjoy doing business with you! You are always there to help. 

    Dawn 8/26/2012
  • I was so pleased with my first order. The order was processed correctly and arrived promptly. Shipping and packaging was supreme. Thanks, keep up the great work!

    Janna 8/24/2012
  • Amazing service! This website is a soapers dream...From the quality of the products to the recipes and videos. I want to make everything!

    Abbye 8/21/2012
  • Thanks much for your awesome products and excellent customer service!

    Tami 8/21/2012
  • Have really enjoyed having you guys as a supplier. Love your products and websites.

    Carrie 8/20/2012
  • Thank you for the continued quality of your essential & fragrance oils. The compliments keep coming into me and I'm happy to pass them on to all of you!

    Kathleen 8/18/2012
  • I order from Bramble Berry because your company as all the information about each product on the website. I was also able to create an account and a wishlist to organize all my future purchases. It was nice to be able to read the informtion that you took the time to give your customers for each item. And that is what made me comfortable ordering from Bramble Berry.

    Karen 8/17/2012
  • I love samples and your products!

    Shari 8/15/2012
  • I've never written to a company before, but after the amazing service I received today and thought it was necessary. Tina helped me out when I had a problem with my order and she really went above and beyond with such great service and effort. Thank you!

    Carla 8/15/2012
  • I just wanted to say that Bramble Berry has the best customer service I've ever encountered. I had a couple issues with my order due to my own mistake and Carla helped me quickly and in a very clear manner. All of my supplies will be ordered from Bramble Berry from now on! Thanks so much!


    Kaitlan 8/15/2012
  • Just received my second order from your company, and once again I was impressed.  The website is easy to navigate, the order is filled and sent really quickly, and the products are amazing.  I also really love the free sample fragrances, which I can use in all the great recipes I find on Soap Queen.  Keep up the great work!

    Angela 8/13/2012
  • Y'all are freaking awesome! I appreciate all the 'extras' that you provide, including the excellent customer service and free samples. You keep your prices competitive and provide superior service. Even when your price may be slightly higher than another vendor, I will go with you because your customer service is so worth it!

    Roy 8/12/2012
  • Bramble Berry rocks, keep up the great work!

    Kelli 8/9/2012
  • Bramble Berry is really great! I appreciat the extra care and attention that you take in the packing of my items. The glass bottles are so nice and there has never been anything broken or split. You have the best stuff and I just wanted to let you know!

    Leeann 8/7/2012
  • There are many reasons why I love Bramble Berry and why I order even from a long, long distance - from the Netherlands. First of all, the superb quality of products. Second, the impeccable packaging of the product itself as well as the whole package. Third, your decision to use FedEx even though it may cost a bit more. They ship fast, safe, and if the package gets lost, I can still track it within my country. Fourth, I love the fact that you make an extra effort to make the shopping experience pleasant, fast, efficient and convenient - that goes for the layout of the website, security, automatic shipping quotes, web site adjustable to smart phones. Fifth, the always helping and knowledgable staff. Sixth, the fact that you as the founder, interact with customers and that we can turn to you personally if we like, is a special feature. Sixth, the fact that BB is the leader in the creative crafting, with always new and engaging recipes and techniques, mostly for free. These are the main reasons why I am your faithful customer, but there are more.

    Ksenija 8/3/2012
  • Love your site, and the integrity of you and your staff!

    Kathy 8/3/2012
  • Your customer service is the reason I only buy from BrambleBerry!

    Dianne 8/2/2012