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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

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  • Love you guys!

    Emilie 5/28/2012
  • Brambleberry is, as far as I'm concerned, the industry leader in bath and body product making.  Your selection is vast, your produt quality is top notch, and I don't know what people are thinking when they complain about your pricing.  I'm a very conciencious shopper, and I've found your pricing to be comparable or better then the competition.  And as far as your customer service goes, your company is far and away the best I've dealt with, and not just in the soap supplier catagory!  I've both called and emailed your help desk, and each time recieved cheerful, helpful, and expert support and advice.  Keep up the good work, Brambleberry; you're the only soap supplier for me!

    Becca 5/27/2012
  • Thank you so much for all your videos on YouTube. I have a nerve pain disorder and I am unable to work outside the home. I am starting an Etsy shop using the techniques that I learned from your videos to support myself from home. I am so excited to get started and so grateful tha tyou have carefully and completley outlined the techniques and tiops that have given me the confidence to be able to make a product that is fun and safe from home. Thank you so much for all you've done and all you do!

    Shanel 5/26/2012

    I really love your products and the prices! Most often I can order from Bramble Berry at prices far below what I can find locally, so thank you for that. Thanks for your time and for all the knowledge you share with us!


    Gloria 5/25/2012
  • I love all of your site!

    Alison 5/25/2012
  • WOW! I've been a soap-making fiend since my BEAUTIFUL Bramble Berry colors arrived! Thanks for the great products and the fantastic support!  You've made me a customer for life!

    Rebecca 5/24/2012
  • Oh my gosh, you guys are awesome! I cannot say enough wonderful things about your company and your customer service, you went way above the norm, and I cannot thank you enough!

    Kristen 5/23/2012
  • Thank you so much for including the extra free sample in my last order to makeup for the missing one in my previous order.  You guys are great! Many thanks!

    J. 5/22/2012
  • Oh my goodness! I just got my first purchase from y'all and I'm in LOVE! Thank you so much for the free sample of Sweet Meyer Lemon. I'm already placing another order from y'all!

    Niki 5/22/2012
  • I just wanted to thank you for your amazing customer service.I cheated on you and tried to purchase some molds that you did not have through another vendor and was sorely disappointed.  Never again will I stray!!! Thank you again! 

    Roy 5/21/2012
  • I just wanted to take the time and thank you for all the helpful videos/tutorials that you have online. Keep up the fabulous work that you do!

    Maria 5/21/2012
  • Thank You! I love your products and your web site!

    Kathi 5/20/2012
  • Thank you I have received my order and I am very pleased with my purchase!

    Abigail 5/19/2012
  • Customer Service is AMAZING! They always take care of any problem right way and this is why I stick with Bramble Berry

    Cris 5/18/2012
  • Thank you to Bramble Berry for my order and my free samples. You guys are always the best and have really been an inspiration for me! 

    Tina 5/17/2012
  • Thanks to the Bramble Berry family for the videos and inspiration! 

    Dawn 5/17/2012
  • Thank you to Bramble Berry for the awesome service and great experience with ordering your product! The ship time was fast, reasonable in price and the most secure I have ever seen from my list of soap suppliers. And, it was very cool to see a sample of a fragrance oil as well.

    Carl 5/16/2012
  • Bramble Berry you have some of the greatest fragrances out there!

    Susanna 5/16/2012
  • Y'all are amazing, thank you!

    Katrina 5/15/2012
  • I just want to say a big thanks for my order of soapmaking supplies! This will be my first attempt at soapmaking, and I am so hugely impressed with my order that I received. I was amazed and very excited to find the two free samples in the box! I did not know what to expect, but I want to express my thanks and appreciation for a company who is so professional and personal. 

    Sara 5/15/2012
  • Thank you so much for your support in the soap community!

    Sonja 5/15/2012
  • I keep telling my customers that I only use the best ingredients even if they are made 3000 miles away. And you know what? They "FEEL" the difference. You guys have consistantly made superior products. Thank you for that!

    Datis 5/15/2012
  • I just received my order this morning. Thank you very much for the free sample fragrance oils. You guys rock!

    Jessica 5/15/2012
  • Once again I received awesome customer service, thanks Tina!

    Cindy 5/14/2012
  • I am so happy that I found this website! 

    Ronshay 5/10/2012