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Customer Testimonials

Customer service and satisfaction is top priority at Bramble Berry. Here are some comments from the many happy soap makers who purchase Bramble Berry products. Thank you all for your patronage!

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  • I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think your company is. I believe that the best way to grow a company is organically, through excellence in product offerings and customer service. You shine at this. Although I work at my "real" job every day, I so appreciate the information you give and the quality of your products so I can indulge in my "weekend hobby." I already have my "testers" asking me to make them more lotions, creams and makeup. Thanks! 

    Sheila from New York 7/12/2013
  • Thank you for including the small sample of the Red Apple Fragrance Oil in your last shipment. I made a cold process batch using it and absolutely loved it! Turned out perfectly and it is a scent that I would never have chosen for myself. I really appreciate the sample and look forward to using the dragon's blood sample in the next batch. You guys are fantastic. Thanks again!

    Halli from Washington 7/9/2013
  • I just wanted to let everyone at Bramble Berry know that I love this company. I was thinking about how awesome I think Bramble Berry is, and I thought the people who make Bramble Berry awesome deserve to know that. I truly appreciate that anytime I have had a question or concern, I was more or less able to get my concern tended to in a pretty immediate fashion. That means a lot because, like most people, I enjoy instant gratification. ;) I also appreciate the care with which my items are picked, packed and shipped every time I order. And, of course, my favorite part of receiving a new order is the free samples. I'm almost more excited about the free samples than I am about the items I actually ordered. I really just wanted to express how much I appreciate this company, and everyone who makes it up.

    Alisha 6/11/2013
  • I have to say that I am so glad, happy, and proud to order my supplies from you.

    Gigi 6/6/2013
  • I must say your customer service and order timeliness are great and I appreciate your help.

    Jeanne 6/5/2013
  • What a treat to come home from work hot and tired to find your goodie bag waiting at my door. Thank you -- you made my day, week, month!

    Sharon 6/5/2013
  • I want to thank you Bramble Berry for the wonderful service you give. My order was delivered exactly when you told me it would be. Everything was in the box that I ordered plus a sample bottle of Dragon's Blood Cybilla Fragrance Oil. I have to tell you, I made soap with this sample and I just love it. The balance of an Oriental blend of Patchouli and Rose on a warm sweet musk base fills my house. I just love it! I have always used essential oils and have never used a fragrance oil before. I will be adding some Dragon's Blood Cybilla Frangrance Oil to my next order. I will recommend this fragrance oil to others. I can't wait to try some of your other fragrance oils as well as your essential oils.

    Mary 6/2/2013
  • Bramble Berry ships their colorants in containers rather than zip bags, this makes them so much easier to use! Thank you so much Bramble Berry. 

    Celia from Maine 5/30/2013
  • I found what I was looking for when i found your site!


    Monica V. 5/28/2013
  • You guys have the best customer service!  I haven't had any problems with Bramble Berry & the prices can't be beat. So looking forward to my order!

    Jessica 5/24/2013
  • Brambleberry demonstrates true customer service and the service keeps me coming back!

    Deb 5/21/2013
  • I just wanted to tell everyone about how terrific Bramble Berry's Pink Grapefruit fragrance oil is, this has been a favorite of mine for years. It is light, refreshing, and very true pink grapefruit scent without all the sugary smell. Clean, crisp, and a great seller in the summertime!

    Patti K. 5/14/2013
  • Thank you so much for putting in so much effort to be amazing for your customers.

    Elizabeth 5/6/2013
  • I can't thank you all enough for the excellent videos; tutorials; and helpful information that you all put out for all of us.I am very appreciative of the effort that goes into building your business; and then keeping it growing; and managing families; and finding time and energy to keep putting it out there for your customers - you all are fabulous as a supplier and I am appreciative of the customer service support that I've received over the past year. Tina and the team are tops!

    Stacy 5/2/2013
  • I'm always so impressed with the Bramble Berry staff and company. You are all so helpful and organized, which are nice qualities in a business.

    Kara 5/1/2013
  • I just received my first order the other day, the packaging was incredible! The order arrived intact and ready to use.  Everything smelled so great and my papaya lip balm is now my best seller!  I just placed my 2nd order, and already cannot wait until it arrives! You've definitely got a new regular customer.

    Leesa 4/27/2013
  • Thank you for all you do! You have great customer service, an excellent staff and I really enjoy your blog and online store.

    Janie 4/19/2013
  • Just wanted to tell you how helpful your website and the Soap Queen blog have been for me. As an amateur soap maker who can only make soap occasionally since I work full time;your recipes, tutorials, helps, fragrance calculator, etc. have allowed me to have success. I appreciate all you do!

    Shiona 4/17/2013
  • I got one of my orders today and I want to say thank you so much, everything was perfect.

    Maria 4/12/2013
  • Bramble Berry inspired me to go for my dream of making hand crafted bath and body products and while I was being inspired by you little did I know I was inspiring my own child. The support, love and encouragement from the soaping community has been amazing and more than I could ever wish and hope for. 

    Caron 4/11/2013
  • I am so impressed with your customer service. Reading through some of the posts on your Facebook page, when someone asks a question, you get more information and then actually come back with an answer! That is getting pretty rare, unfortunately. Thank you for all you do :)

    Stunna P. 4/10/2013
  • I just wanted to send you a email to say thank you for everything your company offers.  Bramble Berry inspired me to go for my dream of making hand crafted bath and body products and while I was being inspired by you little did I know I was inspiring my own child. The support, love and encouragement from the soaping community has been amazing and more than I could ever wish and hope for.

    Caron 4/10/2013
  • I always say that you are my number one place to order my fragrance oil. Thank you for your great service! 

    Janet S. 4/9/2013
  • Everyone at Bramble Berry is just so helpful. I am so glad I found you, as not only a supplier, but for all of the neverendingly useful info on the site and the blogs, etc. I love working with your soap! 

    Annie L. 4/8/2013
  • I want to thank your staff, especially Tina and Celestinna for going above and beyond customer service for helping me this weekend. I had made amistake and forgotten to add a code to my order and Celestinna graciously found my order and added it. I told her she deserved an award. I just want both of these ladies to be recognized for their wonderful customer service. Thank you so much for such a great caring staff!

    Nancy C. 4/8/2013