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Palmarosa Essential Oil: This essential oil has a sweet floral aroma similar to rose or geranium. Historically it's been used for its benefits to the digestive tract and antibacterial properties. Traditionally it's used in perfume blends and insect repellants. We recommend using this essential oil in your favorite lotions, body butters, or soap recipes for its pleasantly rose-like aroma. Palmarosa blends well with a plethora of essential oils from bergamot and chamomile to citrus and cedarwood.

Distillation method: Steam Distilled

Country of origin: India

Botanical name: Cymbopogon martinii

Part: Grass

Photosensitizer: no

Lipsafe: no

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

Photo attribution - ©Can Stock Photo


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on 10/14/2014
Not what I was expecting
I agree with all reviewers. This is an unusual scent. I was going for a rose and flowery scent for favors for my daughters baby shower. I paired the palmarosa with pikake fragrance oil at her request. She loved the final product. I used more pikake than palmarosa. It worked out well. Not sure what to try next with this one. Maybe citrus?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Mary! I'm sorry this scent wasn't your favorite. The good news is it does mix well! You may like it paired with Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil, 10x Orange Essential Oil or Elemi Essential Oil.

by Keisy
on 8/1/2014
What to do with this one?
I had my eyes on this essential oil for months and finally decided to order it. I honestly am not sure what to do with this oil. I don't think it smells awful but it is quite a difficult scent to blend as the other scents I've tried blending with it (of course, I use index card strips to sample the blends), are overpowered and that earthy/grassy scent just comes through all the time. On it's own I do smell the hint of rose but the earth/grass smell- wow. Just found out it may be an insect repellent so I tried it with citronella and cranberry fig oils- not too bad. Will keep working on it.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Keisy! This essential oil is great as an insect repellent, and is also great in lotions and soaps. You may like it blended with Bergamot Pure Essential Oil or Cedarwood Essential Oil.

by Cheryl
on 6/30/2014
Not pleasant at all
I've had this oil since January and can't seem to bring myself to use it. It's not pleasant at all. Just yesterday I considered blending it with some other oils, and in the end, I don't want to waste my other oils, so I put it back in the drawer.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Cheryl! I'm sorry to hear this essential oil is not your favorite. I find that it does blend extremely well with other essential oils such as Lavender Essential Oil, or Chamomile Essential Oil.

by Fishing 4 Bubbles
on 6/25/2014
Different to everyone
Like the reviewer before me, I did not pick up on the floral notes at all here. I initially hated this Essential Oil (the only oil I didn't love instantly from Bramble Berry). I then made a small tester (small amount of my and pour scented with a few drops of oil), and took it around my household to gather opinions. Myself and one sibling thought it smelled earthy, like wet soil, and grassy - not at all sweet or floral. Another sibling said it smelled like sweet tea that was very condensed. I also had a family member say it smelled very pleasant and reminded her of roses. I let the sample "air out" for a day and found that I liked the scent better. I now use it in an essential oil blend with Lemongrass, Betgamot and Cedarwood. It rounds out the scents nicely and adds a pleasant layer of depth. All in all - not straight floral, but great in blends.
by Carmen
on 5/23/2014
Does not smell floral at all.
I have sampled(smelled) the Palmarosa oil at my local farmer's market, and I loved the floral, rosy smell. So when I saw it on the brambleberry website, I ordered it and was really looking forward to receiving it in the mail. My order came today, and I was really disappointed. The oil smell nothing like rose or geranium at all. At best, I'd compare it to a clary sage smell, but just a lot more muskier. It's not a pleasant smell. At one point, I was wondering if a different oil was accidentally bottled other than the palmarosa? In any case, I won't be using it in any of my products because of the smell. :( To be fair, I've ordered quite a number of other essential oils in the same order, and they are all wonderful. Maybe something went wrong with the palmarosa oil?
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