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Smells like BBQ sauce

So very disappointed in this Patchouli...I'm a patch lover and this doesn't smell like any patch I've ever used. This is the first time I've ordered it from BB; maybe it's a bad batch?? I should've trusted my instincts and ordered a smaller amount. Won't be using this unless I'm going for a BBQ smelling product

Patchouli with Lime!

Have used Patchouli EO with Lime and Litsea for years to make a lovely retro Patchouli-Lime fragrance. Love it!

First encounter with patchouli

Bought this patchouli since many people at a recent market requested patchouli soap. I'm drawn to how deep the scent is. Blended this oil with baby rose fo, and sandalwood fo- amazing. As a far as packaging, the bottle was filled to the brim so whatever oil is on the inside of the cap seeps out when the cap is being replaced- a bit of a nuisance.

Bayfront Naturals
Great with Vanilla!

I make a shampoo bar with Patchouli and Vanilla. I can't keep it in stock, but I added more Patchouli last batch and boy did it accelerate! Not sure if it's the Patchouli or the combination of it with Vanilla. I used the Vanilla Select FO. I need to figure this out, as it's a best seller!831

perfect patch!

This patchouli smells exactly as you would hope. My mom is the patchouli aficionado of the family--before I began making soap, I'd buy her patchouli soap any time I spotted it around. She's tried many different patch soaps & is definitely opinionated on the subject, and she approves of this patchouli EO! A little goes a long way. It's an earthy scent and it sticks after the shower.